One Year Later

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One Year Later

Postby movingblur » Wed Oct 17, 2007 8:20 pm

Just thought I would provide an update on this forum regarding my journey through Lasik as I have posted a few times before about my problems. I had custom vue Lasik October 20, 2006. I am 55 years old. Going into the surgery, I was nearsighted (about -3.75 to -4.00) and had significant astigmatism (about 3.5 to 3.75). While both eyes weren’t the same, they were close. I had worn some kind of vision correction since 3rd grade. The last correction I had was through monovision contacts – which I tried prior to monovision Lasik – I didn’t want a correction cut into my eyes without trying it first. And, I LOVED the monovision contacts.

My actual Lasik experience was much the same as anyone else’s with a little apprehension, but no pain during or after, just a little irritated feeling immediately post-op. In the few days following the surgery, my near vision was “pretty” good as was my distance vision; however as time passed, I noticed that my distance vision left something to be desired. Almost anything beyond arm’s reach was not clear. My close up/computer distance vision was and is great. Tiny print requires the lowest power readers, but that’s something really, really tiny and in less than optimum light.

My issue has been my distance vision and accommodation. After a few months, I was at 20/30 for distance using both eyes and low light was worse. Eventually, at about 7 or 8 months, I was at 20/20, but 20/20 with a struggle. Even now, as I see happens with many others, I have trouble in large stores. I have to make an effort to concentrate to get the best from my distance vision and I’m sure it’s my brain struggling to make the switch from close up as I look at something on a shelf to far away as I attempt to read an overhead sign. I didn’t experience this with my monovision contacts and don’t really know why having the correction resident in my eyes makes a difference.

I finally went to see my old optometrist just about a month ago and had him refract my eyes. He said that he could not see where the flap had been cut into either eye (thank you to a tremendous surgeon). He also said I had a tiny bit of astigmatism still in my distance eye and it was not quite 20/20. After some discussion, we opted to fit a soft contact for my close vision eye so that with both eyes my distance vision is great (and no struggle). What I had hoped was to keep the monovision correction by correcting my distance eye to 20/20 with a soft contact, but apparently they don’t make an off the shelf lens with a correction that small.

This is a great forum, but of course, many people who have Lasik never use it because they don’t have a problem. Several things contributed to my using this forum. The main ones were: I didn’t understand how long it would take for complete healing to occur and for my vision to stabilize (8+ months); I didn’t realize that I would have the accommodation issues that I (still) have and I didn’t realize what a great optometrist I had who had been able to correct my vision to perfection before.

So I’m satisfied now with something less than perfection. I have the age thing to thank for some of that. Most of the time, I am very happy with nothing but my ‘new’ eyes. If I’m going to be in a low light situation for awhile (or driving after dusk) and won’t be needing to read much, I pop in my one contact.

Thanks, Glenn, for maintaining this forum. I’ll continue to direct people here before they need it so they can be fully informed going into their surgery.
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Re: One Year Later

Postby LasikExpert » Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:02 am

movingblur wrote:Even now, as I see happens with many others, I have trouble in large stores.

This may relate to the fluorescent lighting in the store. Many have mentioned fluorescent lights reducing the quality of vision. You may want to test this theory. The lighting v. quality issue usually resolves with healing, but it also usually resolves by 7-8 months postop.

Your slight astigmatism undoubtedly contributes to the degradation in vision quality in low light environments.

movingblur wrote:Thanks, Glenn, for maintaining this forum. I’ll continue to direct people here before they need it so they can be fully informed going into their surgery.

Thank you for the kind words. I may post here, but our organization is funded by the doctors who seek and maintain our certification. They are the ones who make this possible.
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