unknown left eye failure

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unknown left eye failure

Postby briankorona » Sun Oct 21, 2007 1:24 pm

I've had Lasik done in May, and ever since I've felt pain in my left eye.
When the doctor did the surgery I already felt something went wrong.
He had to interrupt a few seconds after the flap was made, I felt some
mild pain that I hadn't felt for my right eye that he did first, and he then
finished the surgery. I came back home and slept it off but while I was
falling asleep and fixing the tv LEDs, I realised that with my left eye I
saw nearly double and normally with the other eye.
I went back the next day and then the next week, started complaining
a little but they didn't report anything. As time went by, it was becoming
obvious something went awry, so when I went to my monthly check-up,
I started to act a little irritated, or at least I told the optometrists at the clinic
that I needed some answer because my vision was partly blurred in my left
eye and although they reminded me I had a 20/20, I had to tell them that I
could indeed guess the letters with my left eye because I had seen them
first with the right one and secondly that the letters were blurry, and my focus
was real bad, even colors seemed to be with less contrast.
They told me I had dry eye symptoms and that I needed to use Refresh Ultra
drops. Which I continue doing...
Nevertheless, the pain in my left eye is such now that it feels like its burning
when I open my eyes for a long period without blinking, and it seems that
my left eye produces in fact too much tears, as I regularly get something
like pus in it, that I wash away but which distorts my vision and comes back
quite quickly.
It has become very difficult for me to concentrate on my studies. Reading,
watching tv (I'm a film student) or even just cleaning up my room have become
very tedious and my lack of focus just tends to bring me off balance. Even
being social is hard as my condition just gets in the way as soon as I
start talking or thinking about some reply. I am supposed to start a job next
Saturday and I wonder how I will cope with this handicap. I am thinking more
and more about wearing an eye patch to cover my left eye. This would look
ridiculous but at least I could get some work done.
Reading your bulletin I was wondering if I haven't got DLK or maybe even
corneal ectasia, as I believe the damage came when he was cutting the flap...
If I remember well...maybe was it during the laser intervention, I'm not sure.
I also have some kind of light sensitivity and fluctuating vision as my vision
sometimes gets better even for a few days - but rarely recently.
Anyway, this letter is getting quite long and if you could help me I would be
very honored by your attention and would be indefinitely in debt to your
To all the difficulties encountered during a Lasik operation and that are listed
here, what are the methods to detect them with the utmost
precision and if detected how can they be seriously treated?
Thank you again for your kind attention and please accept my sincere sympathy.
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Postby LasikExpert » Sun Oct 21, 2007 6:22 pm

I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties, but your symptoms indicate your problem is probably treatable with full success.

Your symptoms do not indicate that you have/had Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis (DLK) or corneal ectasia. Your symptoms indicate that you have corneal edema (inflammation), astigmatism that may be caused or exacerbated by dry eye, and Lasik induced dry eye. The dry eye is undoubtedly the key to yoru recovery.

The ghost image indicates an irregularity of the cornea. Your description of your ghost image indicates this is regular astigmatism. The astigmatism may have existed before surgery and was not corrected or was induced by the surgery. Regular astigmatism can be corrected with glasses, contact lenses, and possibly enhancement surgery.

We have a detailed article about Lasik dry eye that you should read. We also have an article about dry eye treatment that you will want to review. You need to get the dry eye treated and managed. All the other symptoms are very likely caused or exacerbated by the dry eye. You will see from the articles that quantity of tears is not as important as the quality.

Dry eye usually responds well to treatment and management, but if not appropriately managed it can get worse and worse. Dry eye also will slow or delay Lasik recovery.

I very highly recommend that you seek a second opinion from a corneal specialist who is well versed in dry eye issues. You may want to check with the ophthalmology department of a nearby university affiliated teaching hospital.

You also need a refraction (which is better, one or two?) to determine your current refractive error. There are two kinds of refractions: manifest and cycloplegic. You should ask for both and discuss with your doctor any differences between the two.

Please keep the forum informed of your progress.
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