10 months out and vision has worsened

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10 months out and vision has worsened

Postby sscma » Tue Nov 20, 2007 10:55 pm

I had customwave intralase lasik last February on both eyes (-6.75/-7.00). I had terrible ghosting, haloing and developed floaters within the first month. After 4 weeks (almost exactly), my vision improved dramatically. Floaters notwithstanding, I felt great about my decision to get lasik. I still had problems with dry eyes (I assume that is what I have--my eyes feel cold as if a wind is blowing in them, some burning) but that didn't seem like much of a problem.

Anyway, now I am at 10 months post-op and I am having decreased acuity and constant burning in my eyes. I am a cancer patient and did take Femara for awhile (which has the side effect of blurring vision) but went off of it after two weeks to see if this side effect would abate. Another thing--my vision is great in the morning just after I get up and then worsens starting around late morning.

I have an appt. with the lasik physician tomorrow to check this out. Is this something permanent with me? I would rather have stayed with the contact lenses had I known.
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