Dry Eye, Restasis, and Dependency...

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Dry Eye, Restasis, and Dependency...

Postby peakaboo » Mon Nov 26, 2007 4:38 am

I had lasik about 16 months ago and had some pretty bad dry eye for the first 9 - 12 months. After the first 4 months, I want on Restasis which seemed to help but it was very expensive.

After 8 months on Restasis, I decided to stop using it and see how my normal un-assisted tear production was doing. What surprised me was that since stopping Restasis, my eyes seem to be better lubricated and I've not had to use any rewetting drops at all since stopping Restasis. Is this normal? Is there a risk of having your tear production become dependent on the drops if you stay on it too long? My doctor said that the corneal nerves tend to grow back about 1mm per month, and considering I had a flap of about 9.5mm, it would make sense to feel normal tear production after 10-12 months post surgery.

I'm glad I stopped the Restasis...for financial and health reasons. I was wondering if anyone else here stopped using it after a year and had favorable "normal" tear production resume?

PS - I know Betty39 was having major dry-eye problems...are you still on Restasis? WIll you try going off it at some time to see if your normal tear production kicks in?
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Postby Betty39 » Thu Nov 29, 2007 6:26 am

Yes I'm still on the Restasis. I still have mild dry eye almost 15 months out. My eyes never feel completely normal but the evenings are when they start to bother me the most, and when I go into air conditioning. It only costs me 10 bucks a month to stay on the Restasis and I'm scared to try to stop taking it. I only use the Restasis 2 x a day and no drops in between. I sleep with genteal gel at night and have silicone plugs in the bottom ducts. The Restasis make my eyes feel imediately better and regular eye drops don't give me that relief. There must be some good lubricating ability in the drops beside the anti-inflamatory stuff. I will probably stay on the Restasis as long as I have any dry eye symptoms.
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