Dry, Stinging eyes middle of night. 1 1/2 years since LASEK

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Dry, Stinging eyes middle of night. 1 1/2 years since LASEK

Postby hellothere » Sun Dec 16, 2007 7:47 pm

Hi. I had LASEK done on both eyes a year and a half ago, everything seemed to go well and my vision has been great. Around late January of this year I started waking up around 4 or 5 in the morning with dry eyes and several times a week at least one of my eyes would also sting pretty badly along with the dry eye feeling. The affected area that was stinging was where my eye was scraped for the LASEK procedure. Usually by the time I woke up the stinging feeling would be gone but not always, sometimes it would go away after I was up for a few hours.

I went to see my optometrist a few times when this started happening frequently and each time she ended up putting a bandaid contact lens on the stinging eye because she was worried the epithilial tissue was loosened and might tear. She told me to start using eye drops at least 4 times a day, drink more water, and take flax seed suppliments. Anyway after a few times of going to see her with this problem because her suggestions didn't seem to help she checked my eyes more thoroughly saw allergens and decided it might be allergy related so she put me on Patanol. This actually seemed to take care of the problem and it went away for a while, that is until early September when this started up again. Not as bad as it had earlier in the year but still some dry eye and mild stinging in one eye at least one night a week. I did go see the optometrist in September (still going for regular scheduled checkups anyway) and she said she still saw allergens in my eyes, there still was some dryness she could see, and that I should keep up with Pataday (new replacement for Patanol).

Anyway, I am going to see here again soon for another check up. Before she determined this might be allergy related she did say my eye surgeon could rescrape the area where this was occuring since she said my epithilial tissue is getting pulled when I have dry eyes at night and this is the cause of the stinging sensation I get on and off. I've held off because to me it sounds like I will be in pain similar to the LASEK procedure for a few days and I'm not sure if this truly the solution or not since it happens randomly in both eyes not just one eye. I don't want to have them scrape my eye tissue and then risk having my vision messed up in any way since it has been 20/15 since the procedure.

I guess I am wondering if this would solve anything since to me it seems like my epithilial tissue might just have an issue with the LASEK procedure and that its not just random that the tissue in both eyes didn't regenerate properly the first time. I could just keep up with eye drops at night and the Pataday once a day and see if this stinging clears up...eventually.

If anyone has any experience with this situation I'm dealing with I would really appreciate it. Trying to figure out which option to choose.

Thanks for your input its really appreciated.

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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Dec 21, 2007 1:44 am

Recurrent corneal epithelium erosion can occur with or without vision correction surgery. A treatment for this malady is to remove the epithelium and allow it to regenerate anew. Essentially, PRK without the laser. This often does help with the problem and has relatively low risk. It is worth discussing with your surgeon.

You did not mention nighttime eye lubrication gel. This is especially helpful for a situation like yours. Be sure to read our article about LASEK dry eye treatment.
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