9 month update....How do these numbers look Glen?

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9 month update....How do these numbers look Glen?

Postby Mr.UnPerfect » Fri Dec 28, 2007 5:21 am

Just got back from my regular optometrist visit. I am 9 months post op.
brief history...blended vision aka modified mono vision right eye (for mid-range and some near) left eye (distant correction) 55 yrs. old. Male

Before surgery January 2006 glasses since age 9yrs. old
OD -2.50 -0.75 X 165
OS -2.25 -1.75 X 006

LASIK March 13 , 2007

June 12, 2007 3 months
OD -1.00 + 0.50 X 145
OS -0.50 + 0.50 X 135

Today December 27 2007
Distant vision OD -1.00 0 cylinder & axis on both
OS Plano

Near Vision OD +0.75 0 cylinder & axis on both
OS +1.75

I was suprised, because I still thought my vision was a little off, but these are the numbers. I was asking him about LASEK vs LASIK enhancement, and he said there's nothing to enhance. So I felt good about the numbers, but contrast and night vision is still a little off. Oh Well that's LASIK for ya....I can't complain I guess, a little more time will tell. That's why I am Un Perfect lol
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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Dec 28, 2007 7:36 am

With your left eye -1.00 and your right eye having no refractive error, you have what would be considered near perfect mini-monovision. If you tolorate the monovision well, you should have enough myopia in your left eye to be able to see your mobile phone and dashboard while your right eye gives you good distance vision.

Your add reflects your monovision very well. You need a 1.75 reading glass for your right eye and a 0.75 glass for your left.

Your distance vision will likely not be perfectly crisp, but when we are 55 we need to accept a bit of a tradeoff. You may want to get a pair of glasses that provide you with full distance vision correction to use when distance and depth perception are vitally important, such as driving at night.

Here is a monovision reading glasses trick. Go to the drug store and find a style of reading glasses that you like and that come apart with screws. Buy two identical pairs, but get one with 0.75 add and one with 1.75 add. Remove the lenses and reassemble them with the 0.75 add in the left side and the 1.75 in the right side. You will have reading glasses that give you balanced near vision.

Two dime-store reading glasses are usually a lot less expensive than what you would pay for a custom prescription.
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