Had enhancements 2 days ago....everything is VERY good!

Post your questions and start your research in this forum if more than three months ago you had any type of surgery to reduce the need for glasses and contacts.

Had enhancements 2 days ago....everything is VERY good!

Postby Waiting » Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:32 pm

I posted about a week ago re: scheduling enhancements on both eyes. I had the surgery 2 days ago and except for some pretty good post-op burning, I am seeing better than I ever thought possible! Near vision is a bit blurry (completely expected - I started out with -10 in both eyes) and far vision is greatly improved. I was watching TV the night os surgery with NO GLASSES for the first time since I was 7 (I'll be 50 in 3 weeks!!!)

I expect some regression to be possible but so far no real problems with dry eye, halos, etc. I am using antibiotic drops 4x per day for another 3 days and lubricating drops every hour. I am also taking the TheraTears Nutrition oil capsules - and have been for the last 3 months or so.

The enhancement surgery itself was pretty much the same as the original surgery. They offered valium and I took it!! Actual laser procedure was a bit quicker and I slept most of the afternoon following my 9 am surgery. Lots of tearing and burning when the numbing drops wore off but by the next morning, I have had no pain at all.

Thank you for such a great place to read and post....this site helped me immensely!!!

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