RGP lenses, possible solution to surgery complications

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RGP lenses, possible solution to surgery complications

Postby brightside74 » Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:52 pm

Hallo everybody

this post can hopefully help somebody who had surgery complications like I did.

I had lasik on Sep 22, 2006...how could I forget! I was legally blind before and lived the hope of finally getting rid of my glasses and lenses and whatever was related to vision problems...oh I was so wrong!

I have not been able to see properly at night ever since, I experience major starbursts at night mixed with double vision and glare. Not exactly the results I had expected. This is mainly due to the high presciption I had before together with the big size of my pupils.

I am glad to hear so many enthusiastic voices on eye surgery, but not everybody is so lucky. To make things worse not so many specialists are considering alternative and less aggressive methods to overcome these complications than additional surgery.

I lived with this for more than a year, until a night I had to drive home from the office and it was pouring with rain. I do not know how many people are familiar with the traffic in Mexico City (where I live), but I can assure you it was a dreadful experience that made me realize I could have risked my life had I not looked for help.

No way on earth I was going to have another surgeon touch my eyes...

So, long time I heard about this doctor in Texas who was developing this new technology for fitting RGPs to patients with bad eye surgery outcomes. I took my chances and jumped on a flight.

I found an extremely friendly and understandig person, who is also an very skilled and dedicated professional who really is dedicating his time, knowledge and expertise to help people have their vision back.

He works with a lab in the same area and this helps getting the lenses almost the same day and allows him to do different fitting sessions until the perfect fit is reached.

These RGPs are not as the ones I had expected, basically they are as big as a soft contact lens to improve comfort and avoid rubbing on the cornea and they really are comfortable, I can not even feel them in my eyes and most important of all they gave me my indipendence and confidence back. As soon as I put them on all the starbursting and other defects are gone and I can confidently drive at night or go to a restaurant or go to a movie or do all the things I used to do without being so self concious and aware that I had a problem.

I am willing to give more information to anyone who is not considering additional surgery and is willing to find an alternative solution, as this has really changed my life.
Pls contact me to my personal address

So, Thank you Dr. G for all the help you gave me, it is nice to hear that somebody out there still cares.
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Postby mbabylash » Sun Feb 17, 2008 1:40 am

I have the same exact problem after custom lasik in Dec. I also have large pupils about 8mm and a larger correction. I have bad starburst,halos, glare, double images etc. I was going to try and head to Dallas to see what Dr. G can do. I emailed him and he gave me more info than my lasik doctor has in the last two months.

Did these contacts help 100 % on the starburst, glare etc. Also they contacts bother you or anything like that. I have never worn contacts but I guess it is better than taking glaucoma drops at night.
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Postby Walt » Mon Feb 18, 2008 3:13 am


I'm curious what is your prescription now? Have you tried an inexpensive pair of glasses for night driving or low light situations. All of my double vision and most of my haze around lights went away with a set of glasses. I can't talk to the starbursts or glare since they are about as bad now as they were before Lasik.

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Postby mbabylash » Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:27 pm

I am about a fuzzy 20/25 which is correctable to 20/20 with glasses. I have a pair of glasses. It does help me a bit. The double image off the left goes away with this but not the right. I never had any night vision problems before surgery and now I have huge starbursts, halos, double images, etc. I am hoping that the RGP lenses will help but I have to wait till April or May to get them.
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