Lasik enhancement after 7 years

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Lasik enhancement after 7 years

Postby damianc3 » Sun Feb 10, 2008 1:12 am

I had Lasik surgery 7 years ago and was happy with the results. My right eye has slowy regressed enough that I'm considering a touch-up procedure. The original surgeon who performed the surgery has retired. I had a consultation with the doctor who has taken over the practice and he feels that either PRK or Lasik could be used in the enhancement procedure. My inclination is to undergo lasik for the enhancement, but I'm concerned that the flap may be more difficult to lift after so many years. My doctor says that the flap can still be lifted years after the initial procedure, but leans toward PRK for enhancement procedures. It's my understanding that although PRK doesn't have the flap risks, it has greater healing risks. Since this surgery would be an enhancement, I'm trying to select the lowest risk option. All else being equal, I would prefer Lasik because the healing process is supposed to be less painful and quicker. Any advise on flap re-lifing years after the initial procedure or risk analysis PRK vs Lasik? Thanks.
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Postby rosecmd » Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:14 pm

Well, I had an enhancement for induced hyperopia last Friday 2/12 (original surg. 7/9/07) and one of the other two patients my doc did that day was an ~50 year old woman who was six years past her original surgery. Her flaps lifted fine, she said, and she didn't even need bandage contact lenses like I did. I think it's all individual, but check around. She felt good the next day.
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