Hated monovision from Lasik- correction with PRK

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Hated monovision from Lasik- correction with PRK

Postby WeepingWest » Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:31 pm

I had LASIK on 07/13/2007. Doc talked me into Monovision. I have hated this from day one due to the vision blending and seeing blurriness because of the undercorrected eye. Doc told me I had to wait 7 months for them to attempt the LASIK again for the undercorrected eye. Well I waited patiently and when I was in the chair after he poked me for a few minutes he stated they could not lift the flap and I should be glad he didnt attempt more due to a possibility of a tear. I guess I am glad ???? He says I heal well. Now he advises me we need to do PRK if I really want the eye corrected same as the other, which I do because who wants to have the whole thing done just to see blurry anyway. My concern is what to expect this time. I have heard its painful but the doc isnt too much on advising what to expect and what complications I need to look out for. I am sure he doesnt want to talk about things that MAY occur but I think I should know. Especially since I didnt know about the possibility of the flap not coming up.
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Postby Pappy » Mon Feb 18, 2008 6:41 pm

PRK's main complication is hazing of the cornea (which is a bigger risk after Lasik). The use of mitocycin-c has greatly diminished this as well as being put on a lengthy steroid course. It has lots of other issues you might want to research on. Retreatment carries a higher risk than original surgeries (I read some article where instances of complications are 3x greater on retreatments. Now 3x of a small amount it's still a small amount but it is a greater risk).

PRK can be painful for the first week. This level of pain will vary from person to person.

You will most likely have "subpar" vision for the first 2 weeks but it might take up to 8 weeks (or even longer) before you see "well". Each person is different and healing rates are impossible to predict. Unlike Lasik, PRK is not a short recovery process but if you do decide to do it it's at least only on one eye.

Good luck!
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