Hyperopic update

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Hyperopic update

Postby croanster » Tue Feb 26, 2008 3:39 pm

Croan.....you are spot on about why your vision degrades in low light. I still have the same problem after 9 years. Your ablation zone was not quite large enough to cover adequate correction completely for your larger pupils in lower light. For us hyperopes, thats difficult to fix with enhancement, but in the hands of a skilled doc, it may help. Since your effective refractive error is now mixed astig myopic in good light, but fully hyperopic astig in low light, that makes it even tougher. You may drift towards a bit more regression until about the one year mark, so its best to wait and see what happens then. Until and unless you get about one full diopter of effective refractive error, it will be hard for any doc to recommend an enhancemnt of any kind in good conscience. You are below that right now. It's good you can get your BCVA to a sharp 20/20 with correction. Many higher h-lasik survivors have not been that lucky. I lost one line with my lasik ordeal.

Thanks for your input Mack. Kind of figured that was the case since I get a bit of starbursting etc. Alphagan drops take all the artefacts away and sharpen low light vision somewhat. Still, the glasses sharpen everything up in bright light and at night as well. I haven’t found a situation where the glasses make anything look any worse, it’s always an improvement so I guess my eyes must dilate more with drops than they do naturally. Also, I’ve got 3 separate scripts (glasses) to look through now and compare and I can see better through all of them. The -0.25 -0.5 030, a +0.25 -1.0 030 and a +0.25 -0.75 030 in order from best to worst. They all indicate myopic / mixed astig as you say. I could live with some starbursts and dry eyes etc if I could just see properly! How much do I NOT like myopia?!!

My doc uses a mel80 with all the bells and whistles and has a very good reputation. I have 380 odd microns of residual bed. I find it incredibly annoying and hard to believe that my treatment zone has turned out to be too small with the level of technology used and my doc’s experience. All comes down to the level of care I guess.

I will wait for another few months (around 8 months now) to see if things improve. I don’t think regression will take me to a point of happiness from here but you never know I guess. Not what I signed up for at the moment though. Almost, but not quite. Just bad enough to need glasses to be comfortable. Similar to where I was before I started. At least I can see stuff close up well i guess.
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