What is epithelial hyperplasia ?

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What is epithelial hyperplasia ?

Postby Ali » Wed Dec 17, 2008 3:22 pm

I had my initial lasek surgury at end of April 2008. I was overcorrected in both eyes from around -5 to around +1.75. On 11th October 2008, I had a cutomise front wave enhancement in both eyes.

My left eye progressed nicely and is now 20/20 albiet with hallows and starburst. My right eye however had 1.75 astigmatism. I was advised to wait, as the eyes are still in the healing process and the cornea shape may change with time.

I saw my Doctor today, and after thorough invistigation, the doctor told me that I have epithelial hyperplasia ?. He told me that nothing to be done now and gave me FLUCON. He added that he will check again in a month time (to make sure it is not epithelial in growth- under the flap).

My question is: what is this epithelial hyperplasia and is it treatable and if so how and what is the long term impact on my vision (if any).

I am not sure if anyone has got similar issue but would be grateful for advise.

Thanks in anticipation.
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