Post your questions and start your research in this forum if more than three months ago you had any type of surgery to reduce the need for glasses and contacts.


Postby vj » Sun Jan 04, 2009 4:19 pm

Hi Glenn,
I will be greatfull to have your expert opinion on retreatment.
I had Zyoptix lasik treatement on 12 Sep 2008.
My prescription was -7.5 both eyes before surgery.
Post op I am left with a prescription of -1 both eyes. I would like to have your opinion on retreatement after 6 month completion time. My current corneal thickness stands at 495 microns. Is it worth the risk? Or should I be just happy with what I got? Though I can anyways adjust with this much prescription, but the very reason for which I got the treatement, i.e. to get rid of glasses, is still there. I think I have it in me to go through it another time for sake of that perfect vision which we all crave for.
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Postby PRK_EYES » Fri Jan 09, 2009 11:47 pm

vj, I know your post is addressed to Glen.

However, your question is exactly what I want to ask Glen as well.
My surgery was done on Sept 23, 2008. 3 months ago.
My prescription was -4.0 both eyes. I am +1.0 post op.
From what I read so far, seems to me that there is a limitation
to predict the outcome.

For undercorrected person who would need to flatten the cornea some more.
For overcorrected person who would need raise the cornea a little bit.
With different procedure, Lasik, PRK, healing time, regression.
There are a lot of guess work involved.
My surgeon said he may considered an enhancement for me in six months.
I've read people wait for a whole year.
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Postby PRK_EYES » Sat Jan 10, 2009 8:34 pm

Last night, I was talking to my cousin who schedule to have an enhancement.
His vision was 20/20 after surgery.
He was quite happy with his vision for 6 months.
Also, he had PRK as well.
His vision went down hill from there. His prescription is -2.0 now.
He is my age, 45 - 50. His prescription before was -10 on both eyes.
In just 1 year, his prescription increased so much that doesn't even seem normal.

I seriously need adjust my expectation.
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Postby vj » Sat Jan 10, 2009 11:08 pm

hi PRK....
yea...story of ur cousin is very strange, such intense regression 6 months after surgery is not common. Does he have enough material i mean corneal thickness to afford a retreatment.
Anyways, so are you going ahead with yours after 6 months?
right now I am -1 post op and I am using glasses for some tasks like watching tv, driving at night etc.
since you are overcorrected, your distant vision must be pretty sharp? how is it? and if you get retreated, any chance you might go in (-) again...
Glenn, any help here?
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Postby PRK_EYES » Sun Jan 11, 2009 3:38 am

Information from my doctor, based material is 250 microns.
In your case, for lasik, I think your surgeon can relift your flap.
For PRK, I think you still have plenty of material.

For my cousin, he had PRK, although his prescription was pretty strong,
there was no flap, he saved 150 microns for the flap.
His prescription -10, he probably losed 150 microns in material.
I guess average cornea thickness for asian, well we are asian.
Our cornea thickness are around 500 microns.
500 microns - 150 microns = 350 microns.
He probably can have another 2 enhancement.

I am wearing contacts for work. At home, I am wearing my reading glasses,
seems to work well. It's just like a pair of magnifying glass.
It is funny, most of the opticians would not dare to make me a pair
of glasses after surgery without a prescription from my doctor.
I got around that with a couple pair of cheap reading glasses.

With regarding to my enhancement, I am going to hang tight for a year
after his story. My surgeon has a life time enhancement policy,
enhancement is free of charge, but eye drops are not included.

My distance vision is very good, I went to a hockey game,
I am seeing High Definition. Distance image is quite sharp.
I can't believe I can see people faces so far away.
The only problem for me right now is the mild ghosting.
If I don't have the ghosting, I probably can read without glasses.
Somehow the +1.0 glasses improves my ghosting.
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