Enhancement for about 0.75 diopter...

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Re: Enhancement for about 0.75 diopter...

Postby ToolBoy » Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:40 pm

DocH wrote:Hi Toolboy,
Had my one eye re-zap 10d ago, first time my sight regressed in both eyes really quickly but this time I'm still sharp at 20/25 and 20/20 with a drop.
Dry eye was terrible first time but not half as bad this time, although I know the eye is dry as they said so at my 24h check. I'm being very pro-active with preservative drops.
I'm trying monovision (the eye for distance was done), I still have close vision with the other eye.
Hope all is well with you.

Hi DocH,

I'm good here. Right eye stabilized at -0.25 with slight astig... left eye after enhancement is almost too perfect, at +0.25 and abolutely no astig. Right eye is great, no more dry eye or anything after a year and 4 months or so. Left eye done about 3 months ago, but no dry eye or anything, although I still use some preservative free drops for it. Actually, over time, I hope it regresses just a bit as I have no close vision with it since it is slightly farsighted. But I would have to wear reading glasses anyway. And far distance is just about perfect in left.

Glad to hear you are well. It seems like after the enhancement, the eye takes a while to 'heal'... my focus is still a little weird in enhanced eye. I figure that will probably last about 2 years though.

I didn't like the monovision... felt like I had vertigo or something. It freaked me out.
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