Disclosures & Checks

Post your questions and start your research in this forum if more than three months ago you had any type of surgery to reduce the need for glasses and contacts.

Disclosures & Checks

Postby DryEye » Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:14 pm

The whole industry (all surgeons) require pre-lasik patients to sign consent forms, yet when it comes to patients wanting information on who to choose and what machines to use there doesn't seem to be hard data that allows one to make proper informed decisions. Everyone asks a friend or maybe some internet searches - Yet I don't think aside from this website that is good enough. Most websites of doctors boast that they have done this and that and this many procedures. Have you heard of any bills that will require doctors to have audited proof of their claims similar to many other businesses that are regulated by the FTC or the SEC? If they say I did 8,000 procedures with only so many 2nd time procedures then proof it! It shouldn't be that hard considering most accept payment by credit card or get it deposited into their back accounts.
If not, I think you and your organization should lead the way & get the lights turned on. Then I think if things go wrong and all the data was truly present everyone can say I made an informed decision.
Machine Manufacturers:
Do you know if the machines are checked regularly or on a set schedule by the manufacturers? If not, why?
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