Constant left eye stain and headache since lasik

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Constant left eye stain and headache since lasik

Postby Ramy » Mon Dec 11, 2006 1:00 am

Hi, I've had lasik 6 weeks ago. My pre-lasik eyeglasses prescription was
-5.00 D in my Left eye and -4.25 D in my Right eye and I was quite confortable with that. When examined prior to the surgery my readings came out as -4.75 -1 x 120 in my Left eye.

Since my Lasik i've been having a constant feeling of strain in my left eye which developed into an almost constant left sided headache, eventhough my vision is OK with no ghosting or double images which (i think) may have indicated irregular astigmatism. I've spoken to my surgeon about it and he said that everything is alright with my left and that the strain would be relieved in time.

Could my preoperative prescription be wrong and could the incorrect astigmatic correction be causing my eye strain? Is it possible to correct this through a 2nd lasik procedure (custom lasik perhaps), i.e. correcting -4.75 -1 x120 to -5.00 (w/o astigmatic correction)? I'd realy appreciate your help since I've been living a nightmare.
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:11 am

The two possibilities that come to mind are dry eye and accommodation difficulties. We have an article on Lasik eye strain and acommocation that may be helpful. Our article on Lasik dry eye treatment may help you determine if dry eye is contributing.

Check these articles and let us know if they may apply to your situation.
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Postby Ramy » Mon Dec 11, 2006 2:37 am

I realy appreciate your prompt reply. Well at first I thought this has something to do with dry eyes so I've been constantly using artificial lubricants (as per my doctors advice) but they don't seem to be resolving the problem.

I'm not sure about the convergence issue though, however my left eye strain is constant with both near and distant vision. The strain feels like my eye muscles are constantly contracted, giving me a feeling of diverging squint and headache.

Could this be related to a faulty lasik prescription (especially the new astigmatism figures)? My doctor is not helpful and responded to my complaints by giving me a different steroid prescription (fluorometholone) which (expectedly) didn't work to relieve my suffering.

Can contact lenses or eyeglasses correct faulty regular astigmatic correction?

Again thankyou for your time.
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