Treatment area

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Treatment area

Postby DryEye » Sun Jan 07, 2007 12:36 am

How does a surgeon know how much of the cornea he/she should cut with the microkeratome blade? Is everyone's area cut the same size? It appears with Lasik the area the microkeratome cuts (size and shape wise) and the area the laser corrects is smaller than what a contact lens covers and corrects. Why? Is it possible to miscalculate and make it to small?
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my less than expert opinion...

Postby mike r » Sun Jan 07, 2007 3:56 am

When they did the pupil size tests(size in the dark and dialated) this gave them the treatment zone and flap cut diameter. I was also told both laser and microkeratome flap cut depth can typically be the same depth of cornea (maybe because peeling an orange is easier than peeling a grape when they need to work with the flap-the laser just maintains an even peel it does not have to mean the depth is much different unless adjusted for thinner cornea)

Also once the laser treats the designated area approximately directly over the pupil this area rides around with your eyeball as your eyes rotate around never leaving the treated zone. Your pupil and focal zone always stays aligned with treatment zone and treatment zone always stays aligned inside the flap perimeter.

It was explained by my doc with the example eyeball at the office when I was trying to figure out what would cause ghosting I thought my focal point was maybe reaching the edge of the flap where there could be a refrative error or anomoly but he said that could nt happen.

<mike r> ps just a laymans analogy
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