Help with interpretation

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Help with interpretation

Postby manort » Fri Apr 06, 2007 5:37 am


I had my Lasic done at a clinic in Japan about three months ago. I have gotten a report from my last check up and wonder what this means. I am posting it below.

For the most part I feel that my sight is ok. I have fairly severe starbursting and halos at night and this has not changed over that last three months. It does not seem debilitating, but would be much better without. I have some difficulty reading things that are far away. I just can't distinguish letters though I don't feel they are fuzzy. Middle vision is no complaints. Near vision is some sudden onset presbyopia.

At my one month check up the doctor said something about the possibility of an enhancement - but I also have nystagmus which can confuse my readings. I got told that my sight was 15/20 when using both eyes, but in the report I just got, they say it is 25/20 in both eyes.

Any help interpreting this data will be helpful.



Vd= 100/20
Vs= 125/20

Vd= S-1.50 C-0.75 A40
Vs= S-1.50 C-0.50 A116

His post-op check-ups results on March 15th,2007 are as follows:

1)Aberration Amount : R:45    L:38 
2)Pre-op Thickness of Cornea: R:588 L:590
3)Number of Corneal Endothelium Cells(Both eyes): R:2725  L:2695
4)Applied Keratome: ALLEGRETTO EYE-Q R:6.5 L:6.5

His Current Visions (without Glasses / Contacts ) are:
Vd= 25/20
Vs= 25/20

Vd= S+0.00 C-0.00 A54
Vs= S+0.25 C-0.25 A148

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