Question about dry eye testing

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Question about dry eye testing

Postby mowchowch » Tue Apr 10, 2007 4:33 pm

Is there a test that will determine how much of the poor vision I am having is related to dry eyes or just refractive error? Can the wavefront machine check that? I wonder b/c I would not want to have enhancement done if my poor vision is related to dry eyes not residual refractive error. In the mornings my vision is fine for a period of time...then I suspect my poor vision is mostly dry eyes.

Do most patients who have dry eye problems after surgery have resolution of there symptoms after six months?
I have been on Restasis for 2months. I initially saw an improvement but it has now worsened again. I have also been using Thera Tear capsules and flaxseed oil liquid for about 3 weeks and havent seen improvement.

I am now about 3months out from my Lasik surgery. I will have my 3month post op visit this week. I am considering getting some glasses to hold me over b/c I really need to see clear for a change. I havent had clear vision since my surgery...and it's getting difficult to function. How do you know what RX of glasses to get...since my vision is changing constantly throughout the day?
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Dry Eye????

Postby richbron » Fri Apr 13, 2007 7:57 am

Your mail is so familiar to what I am experiencing that it could have been penned by myself.

My vision is VERY good for the forst hour after waking up and then slowly begins to worsen. I have had glasses cut and by lunch time they are useless (as are contact lenses).

I am alos being treated for dry eye without too much success.

How long is your vision clear in the morning before it begins to blur?

Would love to know your current prescription.
my prescription (post lasik) is:
L: +0.25 -1.00 (axis 50)
R: 0.00 -0.75 (axis 10)

very mild prescription but my vision fluctuates tremendously during the day - cannot read close up nor see distance.

What is your prescription?
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Postby mowchowch » Sat Apr 14, 2007 3:59 am

Hi richbron,
I had my 3months post op visit yesterday. I have to say the visit went well.
Initially prior to surgery on Jan 18 my RX was:
OD -5.00+0.25x85
OS -6.00+0.50x85

At my appt yesterday my eyes were:
OD -0.50+0.75X90
OS -0.75+0.50X70

I dont really know what all the numbers mean.

I know that it is not the same throughout the day. Two days earlier my eyes were far worse. I felt so dry earlier this week. I really increased my water intake. Hard to tell if that helped..but I am at least trying it. I have also increased the amount of liquid flaxseed oil since last weekend. I am going to cut back on that again though...just to see what happens. I'll also keep using the Thera Tears and Restasis.

My Shirmer's test revealed OD 9 and OS 7. So my eyes are still quite dry. I asked my doctor if punctal plugs would help...and he did put them in my lower ducts. I do think that it has helped. My vision was clearer for a few hours longer this morning than it was prior to the plugs. I will see how it goes tomorrow.

My doctor told me that it could take possibly up to a year for my nerves to the cornea to repair after my Lasik flap. He did also say that in his experience the patients that he has had in my situation did ok after one year. So that made me feel a little bit more reassured. He didnt really feel it was worth me getting glasses since my vision was fluctuating so much. I do have to say that I felt more encouraged after my appt. I'll see how things go over the next several days and let you know.
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