Very strange occurance

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Very strange occurance

Postby Marcco » Mon May 14, 2007 6:04 pm

The story begins with multiple lasik procedures and enchancements over the years. I use mono-vision to read as I am 52. Recently had my reading eye (right eye) enchanced and waiting for complete healing (had it done 4 weeks ago).

Now here is the unusual part, my left eye (distance eye) has developed an astigmatism (-0.25 -1.50 x 180) after the latest enchancement was done using PRK 7 months ago. I am using a toric lense to correct this eye and what happened.............I now can see distance and read with this eye !!! What the heck !!! I told my doctor and he has no answer for this.

Has anyone ever heard of one eye developing presbyopia and not the other ?

Has anyone heard of anything like this before ?

We are looking at RK (I believe that was the procedure) to correct my astigmatism and will determine the time frame in a month or so.

But it is realy an enigma as to why my distance eye, corrected for the astigmatism with a toric lense, now allows me to read with that eye, which is my distance eye.

Would welcome any clues.............but of course...........I am pleased this has happened. Once my reading eye heals, I should be in very good shape.
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon May 14, 2007 7:02 pm

The question would be if your ability to see near and far is because of a renewed ability to accommodate or because of a change in optics.

What you describe has occurred with Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) patients. The new shape of the eye apparently creates a multifocal optic effect. It is not fully understood, however is generally appreciated.

Ron Schachar, MD came up with a new theory about how the natural lens within the eye changes shape to focus on near objects (accommodation). He theorized that by inducing relaxing around the eye with the insertion of scleral expansion bands, the accommodating function would return. Multiple tests have found that this does occur, but not predictably and not reliably. Also, the relaxation surgery would be performed on one eye, but the other eye would also achieve perceived improvement in near vision. Why this occurred is not at all understood and hotly debated in ophthalmology. You may want to read more about Dr. Schachar and scleral expansion band procedure.
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