Off topic knida:great book on vision and art

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Off topic knida:great book on vision and art

Postby tiggy » Sun May 20, 2007 4:00 pm

Maragret Livingstone, a Harvard neurobiologist, has a very interesting book about how we process vision and art. ... 0810904063

Is there a scientific explanation for how Leonardo da Vinci made the Mona Lisa's smile so elusive, or how impressionist painters capture the shimmering molecular aliveness of air? Of course, says Livingstone, an innovative Harvard Medical School neurobiologist devoted to the study of human vision whose enthusiasm for her subject electrifies even the most technical of her excursions into the nature of light and how exactly visual information is conveyed via color and luminance. By combining lively prose, outstanding illustrations, including works by Renoir, Degas, Seurat, and Chuck Close, and easily performed visual experiments, Livingstone explains central and peripheral vision; how three different kinds of light receptors--red, green, and blue cones--enable us to distinguish millions of colors; how our brain's response to luminance "grants us perception of depth, movement, three-dimensionality, and spatial organization"; and much more. By the time readers reach the end of this illuminating tour of the brain as it responds to everything from line drawings to digital images, they will have acquired an enhanced appreciation for the genius of artists and scientists alike.

I recently heard her speak and was fascinated by her hypothesis that dyslexia and color processing actual may play a role in helping the artist break down the 3D world into 2D for painting etc.

We who have had trouble with our vision know that luminence, contrast sensitivity all change when you change how the corena handles light!

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