Low Light Vision

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Low Light Vision

Postby DryEye » Tue Jun 12, 2007 3:54 pm

I am 12 months out of VISX customvue lasik.
Since about the three month mark I have noticed when I awake in the middle of the night or in early morning hours when it is dark my bottom vision is wavy/flashy like for a few minutes then clears. It is equal in both eyes & it doesn't seem to be there if I close my eyes- I think.
It is almost like what one sees from time to time on TV with someone's tie or a basketball floor during a game. I imagine this is due to different lighting hitting those objects at different angles.
Could this be a result of aberrations on my cornea and/or the outer edges of my cornea being refracted differently than the center? I don't see it during the day or at night - thankfully - Only after my eyes have been closed for a period of time and when it is dark and very low light.
I have had a few doctors look at this (did workups) and all don't find any definitive cause and say my eyes are healthy.
It was never there before the surgery.
I do know I have some astigmatism, microstriae, dry eyes, car headlight starbursts, glare around certain lights, etc.
I was sold on the VISX CustomVue procedure because from all that is advertised and one reads they say these things aren't supposed to happen.
Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated.
I am thinking of having enhancement done on my right eye first in a couple of months, but would like to know what this is.
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Re: Low Light Vision

Postby JPD » Tue Jun 12, 2007 5:59 pm

I can't answer your vision questions, but I can tell you don't blame the brand of laser which was used. All the top of the line lasers will produce virtually identical results.
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