Post cararact and LRI LASIK patient

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Post cararact and LRI LASIK patient

Postby aef » Wed Jun 27, 2007 4:59 pm

Well, I may be a complicated case so I wanted to get some opinions. I am currently 49 years old and had cataract surgery in my left eye in 12/05. After the surgery, I saw 20/50 and had two LRI procedures which did not improve my vision. I had lasik (custom with blade due to previous LRI procedures) in 3/07 which took care of my nearsightedness but evidently there is astigmatism left over so I am still 20/40. I have enhancement surgery scheduled for mid-July and wanted to get opinions. My doctor prior to my 3/07 procedure stated that I had only a 33% chance of improved vision and his story has remained the same. He continue to emphasizes that I "could go blind" and that I have a 33% chance of getting worse, 33% chance of no change, and 33% chance of improved vision. This was the same story prior to my first lasik procedure so I received a second opinion prior to the 3/07 procedure from a cornea specialist who basically said "what is the big deal?" so I went ahead with the procedure. He is really stressing that I could be "33% worse" with my upcoming enhancement procedure so I don't know whether my opthamologist is just conservative or if I am truly at higher risk due to post cataract and post LRI procedures. I can't find anything in the research to support my opthamologist's claims. Please help me sort through this prior to my enhancement. Thank you.
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:09 pm

You need to ask your ophthalmologist, but it sounds like he may be misusing statistical probability. Three things will occur after Lasik enhancement surgery.
    Your vision will be better.
    Your vision will be worse.
    Your vision will be the same.
The fact that there are three posibilites does not mean that the probability of each is 33%. As an example, the probability that you will have no change after Lasik enhancement surgery including a flap lift and application of laser energy is about nil. Something's going to change.

Your corneal specialist may be more accurate in presentation of probability.
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