4 months post op

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4 months post op

Postby Mr.UnPerfect » Fri Jun 29, 2007 9:11 am

Hi, I have been reading for the last couple of months and finally registered. I had the Allegreto Wave done with monovision. I fall into the group of usual symptoms (mild) My intention going in was to just be less dependant on glasses which I now am, however I have tasted the nectar of LASIK and now want more. At times I am satisfied and other moments discouraged. I knew going in, I did not fit under the profile of a good LASIK candidate, even my regular eye Doctor said "YOU will not be happy" but I went ahead anyway, I must admit,it was to use up some insurance money that would have went into limbo if it was not used. Although I had been planning to do lasik for years, that was the push I needed. I forgot to mention my profile was a Perfectionist.. to Picky in other words. I sometimes joke with the doctors, barber, mechanic, etc who I sense may be getting a little upset with my insistence on doing a good(perfect) job, I say " aren't you glad I'm picky I picked YOU didn't I" From reading some of the posts I will go out on a limb and say I might not be the only one out there. I joke with myself and say "Bob is it really necessary to see the fly on the wall over there at twenty feet "I used to I think" with my high powered spectacles that gave me a headache. I have noticed the good doc's like to use the word FUNCTIONAL vision, and I think that's were I am now. Sorry for unloading so much now , but I guess I have alot to get off my chest and plenty of questions to ask and maybe some help for some others, I HOPE. I'll give my numbers and some more specific details later, and ask a few questions. thanks for being here. Bob
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Postby LasikExpert » Fri Jun 29, 2007 5:17 pm

After age 40 when presbyopia becomes probematic, the most even a picky person can hope for is adequate vision at all distances.

As much as you find monovision less than desired, you would probably find full distance correction even more frustrating. Have your doctor give you a contact lens to fully correct your undercorrected eye and live with that for a week. You may find that you appreciate monovision more than you realized - or know that you would like to have the myopic (nearsighted, shortsighted) eye fully corrected.
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9 month check up..UPDATE..

Postby Mr.UnPerfect » Fri Dec 28, 2007 5:13 am

Just got back from my regular optometrist visit. I am 9 months post op.
brief history...blended vision aka modified mono vision right eye (for mid-range and some near) left eye (distant correction) 55 yrs. old. Male

Before surgery January 2006 glasses since age 9yrs. old
OD -2.50 -0.75 X 165
OS -2.25 -1.75 X 006

LASIK March 13 , 2007

June 12, 2007 3 months
OD -1.00 + 0.50 X 145
OS -0.50 + 0.50 X 135

Today December 27 2007
Distant vision OD -1.00 0 cylinder & axis on both
OS Plano

Near Vision OD +0.75 0 cylinder & axis on both
OS +1.75

I was suprised, because I still thought my vision was a little off, but these are the numbers. I was asking him about LASEK vs LASIK enhancement, and he said there's nothing to enhance. So I felt good about the numbers, but contrast and night vision is still a little off. Oh Well that's LASIK for ya....I can't complain I guess, a little more time will tell. That's why I am Un Perfect lol
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