PRK after AK infection

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PRK after AK infection

Postby keith » Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:26 am

Hi, I am 41 and have a relatively high prescription of -7.00 and -7.25. I don't know about astigmatism, as I am awaiting my file from my consultation. I was informed I have borderline thin corneas and some minor scarring outside of the correction zone. Some of this is from an infection of acantamoeba, a parasite that I spent a year and a half getting rid of, and from some hockey roughness. They reccomend the Zyoptix custom treatment with PRK technique. During testing, I was told I have otherwise healthy eyes, nothing that concerns them, and I should realistically obtain 20/20 vision. Thanks to this forum, I am comfortable with having the PRK procedure, which will be March 20, and will keep you updated as to my procedure. I work in a fairly hostile environment, a penitentiary, and compete regularly in ice hockey without any facial protection, or did, as I just installed a face shield in light of the impending procedure. I am currently taking a vitamin c supplement, in addition to glucosamine, which is also valuable in aiding healing of cartiledge and soft tissue.
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