Custom LASIK Results

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Custom LASIK Results

Postby MN4455 » Sun Jan 11, 2009 7:33 pm

I just had my custom wavefront guided LASIK (with Customvue) surgery with Intralase yesterday and the results so far are spectacular. I am 26 years old and my prescription was approximately -4.00 in each eye with a slight astigmatism. Everything proceeded very smoothly although I have to say the first four hours or so after the operation were a little comfortable as I was very sensitive to light in addition to dealing with the slight burning that set in as the numbing drops began to wear off. My night vision yesterday seemed excellent with no loss of contrast sensitivity. I did see some very insignificant halos around certain lights, but these should go away with time and even if they do not for whatever reason, they appear so minor it's almost not even worth mentioning.

Today I noticed even more of an improvement in my vision and the level of detail that I now notice is incredible! It's probably too early to tell at this point in the healing process so I will post updates. I was very concerned about experiencing night vision issues prior to my surgery because my scotopic pupil size was measured close to 9mm and am thankful so far that this does not appear to be the case. Prior to the surgery, I was surfing a multitude of forums and researching every possible complication in order to be prepared for adverse side effects.
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Postby slh » Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:54 pm

That is fantastic! I am so happy to read your results because my situation is kind of similar. I'm 30, my Rx is -4.00, and my pupils are huge.
However, I'm doing PRK, which has a much longer healing time than Lasik, but should have the same end result. And I haven't done it yet, it is scheduled for next month.
But still, it is really good to hear about your results so far. Do you know what laser your surgeon used?

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Postby MN4455 » Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:27 pm

Yes, he used a VISX Star 4 laser. There is that whole issue that is debated about the size of the treatment zone and so forth, but right now everything is working out fantastic as they were obviously able to account for that in the procedure. I am back at work right now looking at numbers all day and the clarity is incredible. I definitely thought it is worthy for people to know this because I could not find that much information about large pupil sizes and night vision issues as far as personal success stories go. Best of luck with the surgery and be sure to keep everyone posted!
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Postby ebobeye » Sun Mar 22, 2009 8:31 am

I know its difficult to say, but is there really that much difference between lasik and custom lasik? They say ots more accurate beacuse it looks at higher order aberrations as well as lower order, but really is it going to make much difefrence. It's more money and i dont see the point if the difference is not ven noticeable.
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Postby MN4455 » Sun Mar 22, 2009 5:07 pm

It depends on your surgeon's assessment of your situation. If you have a low prescription and have smaller pupils, standard LASIK may be fine, otherwise Custom LASIK is more accurate according to various empirical studies and the risk for night vision problems is less. Secondly, this is also the case with Intralase for cutting the flap. Some may debate this but I would not want to risk my eyesight for a several hundred dollar difference. Statistics somewhere show that the probability for 20/20 is closer to 75% with standard LASIK and closer to 98% with Custom LASIK. If standard LASIK works, the results will be just the same in my opinion. Custom LASIK just decreases the risk and increases your probability for the desired result. It's not like one is going to give you 20/10 and the other only 20/20 in all cases.
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Postby ToolBoy » Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:54 pm

I had that custom wavefront guided LASIK (with Customvue) surgery, and all went fairly well. It was about a month ago. My right eye feels robotic distance-wise, and I'd gather to say my left eye is about 20/40. I'm 43, so the right eye isn't too good with reading, but I think it's that presbypopia or whatever that thing is called. I went in with about -4.5's with slight astig in both.

They had a problem with the left eye and that suction thing, so I ended up getting red eye, a lot worse in the left because the thing had to be repositioned three times. That created a lot more red eye in the left eye than the right. It has cleared a lot and due to the way it's been healing, I'd gather to say another two weeks and it will be gone.

I was given the ideal patient spiel and all that bla-bla stuff just like everyone else, but the bottom line is even though right now I have what feels like a little monovision, maybe the left eye will catch up... who knows.

I wouldn't change anything though, even though I went into that procedure shaking like a leaf, and I'm a pretty big cat!@ I get that halo and starburst thing, but it is very minor. If it stayed this way, I wouldn't care.

I didn't have big pupils, but I went in with 21's and then 19's for pressure so they checked that about three times beforehand. I never had so many eye tests before in my life, so the people were pretty thorough, I'll give them that. But they should have that nasty little suction thing down more by now. That was the worst part...
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