Another monovision question

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Another monovision question

Postby kellymasonmom » Sat Feb 17, 2007 3:19 am

I am confused. With monovision correction the dominant eye is corrected for distance and the non-dominant eye is corrected for close vision. In my case, the dominant eye (right) does not interfere with close vision. Close vision is perfect. If I cover my left eye I cannot see close. But, it seems to me, the non dominant left eye interferes with the distance vision-especially at night. Why has the brain been able to ignore the dominant eye when looking at things close, but it cannot ignore the non-dominant eye when looking in the distance-again, especially at night? Does the brain find it easier to ignore the dominant eye-or it this just my brain's problem?
Thanks for any advice!
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Postby mike r » Sat Feb 17, 2007 6:00 am

I went through the same thing a while back dont notice now...Get this.
For driving my short distance eye wanted to be in charge, and I was more prone to the dirty or spotted windshield the dashboard and all the closer peripheal junk but close...Yet it was a struggle to get the distance to be more dominant...I was trying to drive I wanted to see out of the car more and not be distracted by in the car stuff...It was weird...My brain has now adjusted or adapted a lot better..

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