One month update and a question about halos and starbursts

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One month update and a question about halos and starbursts

Postby manort » Thu Feb 22, 2007 1:42 am

Hi everyone,

I am just over one month post lasik. With both eyes I am apparently seeing at 1.5. I have some sudden onset presbyopia as I am forty. This was not unexpected, but I was surprised by how far out my near sight dropped.


OD 1.0 x S -1.25D C -0.75D Ax 40”
OS 0.8 x S-1.75D C –0.50 Ax 11.5”
(Note: I am in Japan and the notation system here may be different. I don't claim to understand this.)

My near sight is still fluctuating during the day, but getting better, In the morning, I need the readers for sure. By mid afternoon I find with only a little strain or conscious focusing I am fine with books held at slightly more than my normal reading distance and with computer work. I am hoping this trend will continue.

My halos and starbursts have been pretty consistent. I see moderate starbursts on far away cars with bright lights that dissappear as they get close to me. I don't have these starbursts if the cars' headlights are at oblique angles to me. Starbursts around far away streetlamps actually look more speckled and have done since my first night after lasik. At that time I thought it was the result of pitting by the laser that I read about. I see minor starbursting around LEDs during the daytime... not distracting, but hyper sensitive about my eyes.

For the halos, I see large globes with two or three layers around bright street lamps. I also see them around stoplights and I find that when I squint I can make a ghost just below the light. The ghost persists until I blink.

So, my questions are: what is the likely source of my halos and starbursting and is it likely they will diminish over time.

Thanks to the site and to all of the posters for this valuable resource.
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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Feb 22, 2007 6:04 am

Probably the largest contributor to your difficulty is that it is early in the healing period. The change in vision quality with blinking could indicate a bit of dry eye, edema (swelling), or residual refractive error. You won't really know what you will get until about three to six months postop.

Squinting is essentially squishing the cornea. This would very likely cause an irregularity that can present as a ghost image. I suppose the answer to this problem would be to not squint. Was there a specific reason you are squinting?

Have you reported these limitations to your doctor, and if yes, what has the doctor said?
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