Custom MicroLasik success 2/17/07

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Custom MicroLasik success 2/17/07

Postby keikinator » Thu Feb 22, 2007 7:12 am

I have extremely happy w/outcome of custom lasik (ladar4000 laser) & Microlasik thin flap technique w/[doctor] in City of Industry, Ca on Feb 17.

I found him via the certified surgeons listings on this website. I had been researching the procedure and reading the forums since November 2006 to finalize my decision. Thought I'd share my story to contribute something back.

No post-LASIK dry eye issues--had more problems with contacts drying out, so I did have concerns over how my eyes would respond. Then again, we can have single-digit humidity in Southern California, plus I like to do hot-room yoga for exercise after sitting in front of a computer at work for 9 hours a day.

My most recent contact lens prescription fr Dec '06:
Right eye -2.50 -1.75 x 180
Left eye -2.50 -1.25 x 160
cornea thickness ~ 520

I had met with one other surgeon before making my decision. My first consultation was closer to my home and the surgeon suggested I consider either Lasik or PRK. I researched both procedures in this forum, and decided to meet with [the doctor I selected], a little curious about his thin flap technique. He personally did all the exams during the consultation & spent a lot of time answering my questions.

During the vision exam, we did the usual "which is better 1 or 2?" eye test and reached what seemed like a final prescription to me. He then started changing it for my right eye and asking if I could see any difference. I couldn't notice any changes. He didn't tell me what he was doing until we completed the process: He was testing undercorrecting my right eye slightly to preserve my reading vision a little longer (I'm 42 years old & do not need reading glasses)

Pre-op, had the most anxiety over the application of the suction ring and cutting of the flap, but that ended up being such a non-issue in my case. Didn't feel any pressure on my eye while the flap was being cut & thought that part of the process went extremely quickly. [The doctor] measured the remaining cornea bed after folding the flap back. Tried to do the math, think the flap was close to 100 microns.

Felt like the application of the laser took a really long time, I think I was battling my own attention span of focusing on the same red light during the whole process. Machine voice counted down the progress of the process completion & number of seconds remaining, "25% complete, 100 seconds remaining" Very science fiction, was hard not to laugh.

First eye was lighty taped closed, second eye completed. Tape removed from first eye & both eyes covered with round plastic "eye shields" like massive bug-eyed monocles w/air vents & taped to my face.

Was given a pair of sunglasses to wear over them and sit in a dark room for about 10 minutes post-op. Vision was already better than without glasses.

Wasn't given any kind of anti-anxiety medication before the procedure but was provided with a "sleeping pill" to take when I got home. I actually stayed the first night in a hotel across the street to avoid my cat & cat hair after the procedure. Eyes were really watery for the first three hours & couldn't sleep despite the sleeping pill. Felt like I went swimming in a pool with no goggles. Must have passed out, woke up about 3 hours later & pain was gone...sleeping pill kicked in! I could see clearly, but staggered to the restroom. Remember thinking, "wow, my vision is great, but I didn't expect Lasik to affect my sense of balance!" and then remembered it was probably the pill instead. Just felt like a super thin cotton fiber was in my eye. Not like one under a contact lens..just more of a presence than anything else.

Put in all the requisite eye drops, went back to sleep & vision was excellent the next morning. Watched some tv, checked out of the hotel & walked across the street for my follow up appt at 12:30pm. Vision was 20/20 left eye & 20/30 right eye. Could also read the ultra-fine 4 point type no problem.

My next follow up appointment is tomorrow and my vision has been continuously great. I understand it should be fluctuating, but I can't really tell. I believe I see clearer than I had in the past with contacts or glasses. I've been driving at night with no difficulty. I do see halos--lights and headlights look like they do when it's misty outside, but everything else is clear.

so far so good! I know everyone is different, but wanted to share a really positive experience. Will continue to share my progress.

Note: This post was edited to remove a doctor's name.
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Postby LasikExpert » Thu Feb 22, 2007 7:38 am

Thanks for the excellent and detailed report. Keep us informed as you progress through the healing period.
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One week follow up: 20/25 & 20/20

Postby keikinator » Sun Feb 25, 2007 6:05 am

Thank you! Vision is still improving! Now 20/25 & 20/20 at one-week follow up.

Hardest thing for me is falling asleep...can't relax with clear vision! Keep thinking I'm forgetting to take out the contacts and make myself wake up. Then, I'll think the eye shields are glasses and wake myself up again! Hard to untrain myself after almost 30 years with corrective lenses! It's so exciting to have this problem!
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