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Postby ssmarsh8 » Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:34 pm

I had custom PRK on Jan. 25 and go in today for my one-month checkup.

My guess is that I'll read close to 20/20 on the chart. I still have significant ghosting night and day but think it might be a bit better in the last couple weeks.

Of highest concern is that since surgery I have developed floaters. They move in and out of my vision and don't disappear with blinking. Much more of an issue in well-lit areas or outdoors in daylight.

A couple weeks ago a surgeon's assistant claimed that PRK would not induce floaters--that rather I'd suddenly be noticing something that was always there, due to altered vision.

I am dubious because 48 hours following surgery I experienced flashing/strobe lights off and on for an entire evening. This in addition to floaters seems to be the symptoms of vitreous detachment, which can be a precursor to retinal detachment.

I have no idea why PRK would have caused this. The surgeon had diagnosed my strobe light episode as an ocular migraine, but combined with the floaters it seems much too coincidental...

Other details about me:
--I experienced extremely severe pain following surgery.
--I took Vicod*n for 48 hours but discovered I was allergic to it.
--My surgery was to treat mild myopia (-2.0).
--I am 26 and in very good health.
--Yesterday I took my last dose of Econopred and am now done with post-op meds.

Any thoughts? Any tips on what to address with the doctor at my appointment this afternoon? I find it irresponsible that I would describe a strobe light event and subsequent floaters, and that they would not immediately check for retinal tears or vitreous detachment (I'm assuming that can be checked for?). Presumably if a vitreous detachment occurred, there are precautions to take for a while to prevent retinal detachment. This is a very highly regarded surgeon and he's surely aware of what my symptoms denote. Had I not looked up my symptoms on reputable medical sites I would be none the wiser.

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Postby ssmarsh8 » Mon Feb 26, 2007 9:12 pm

Just had the appointment. Seeing 20/20 when using both eyes. I have a feeling I could see 20/15 if not for the ghosting. It's not that the 20/15 is blurry--it's that being doubled at such a small size makes it harder to decipher, if that makes sense. He said my ghosting should resolve in a couple months.

As for the floaters, he said a lot of people experience them (though he didn't say whether meant post-op or people in general). He described the vitreous detachment thing without actually naming it. Said those loose particles usually fall beneath the vision field with gravity over time. I reiterated concern about my retinas so he put on some headgear and shined a bright light through a magnifying glass into my eyes. He said my pupils were big enough that he didn't need to dialate me. Anyway, retinas look good, he says, and if I had retinal issues I would see many floaters at once, not just a few, and flashes would recur, not just happen in one evening as my strobe light experience.

Corneas healed very well, he said.

Lets hope he's right on all counts!
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Postby LasikExpert » Tue Feb 27, 2007 5:51 am

This sounds like good news all around. If your primary complaint is that you don't have better than "perfect" vision, that's a nice result.

Floaters do occur naturally. Refractive surgery seems to stir them up and that can get them in the line of sight. As the doctor said, they can get out of the way after time.

Keep us up to date on your progess.
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