Help with eye strain & dry eyes

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Help with eye strain & dry eyes

Postby jamie » Mon Feb 26, 2007 5:21 am

I am 10 days post Lasik (Wavefront), my eyes are very dry which I think is causing me to have eye strain and headaches. I have been using Thera Tears. Is Refresh Plus or Soothe better? I have also been taking 4-6 Flax seed oil gel caps a day. Until when should I expect to have dry eyes? I go back to work tomorrow and I usually work 10 hours a day, a lot of computer and reading. I'm kind of worried. How about halos around traffic lights? Will that also go away or is that permanen? This is a very good website. I wish I found it sooner, may have affected my decision for this surgery.
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Postby etess » Fri Mar 02, 2007 1:22 am

Jamie - I just read your post! You will need to look for mine...similar! Anyway, I had lasik on 2/ I'm just about 1 week into it. I also had moderate dry eyes before lasik. I knew the risks with dry eye but decided to go through with it. Vision is wonderful...but dry!

I just posted a topic yesterday asking people when I should start to see dry eye so good responses. See if you can locate my post....

Anyway....I went back to work the monday after the friday surgery. I am a teacher and do a lot of reading and grading....

The dryness gets worse at the end of the day.....and today...the headache began. I think my headache is due to eye strain.

I do think this will get just takes time. I am not a patient person to begin this is a little trying!

Oh, I have all tear ducts using Bion Tears...and will be using restasis starting next week.

I also sleep with a humidifier....

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Re: Help with eye strain & dry eyes

Postby LasikExpert » Fri Mar 02, 2007 5:09 am

jamie wrote:I am 10 days post Lasik (Wavefront)....

It is way too early to make any final judgements about your outcome.

The vision problems you describe are consistent with your dry eye symptoms. You should read our detailed article on dry eye treatment. It discusses the different components of tears and how to help each. It includes a link to a detailed list of the different over-the-counter artificial tears.

You may also find our article about Lasik and eye strain interesting.
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