Follow up with surgeon, diff. opthamologist, or optometrist?

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Follow up with surgeon, diff. opthamologist, or optometrist?

Postby jarad35 » Fri Mar 02, 2007 7:29 pm

I had LASIK last saturday (2/24/07). Everything seemed to be OK at the time, and when i went to my 24hr followup I was seen by an optometrist. I was a bit unhappy as I had asked whether or not i would see "the doctor" for my followup, meaning the surgeon (MD), but i now know that optometrists are "doctors of optometry" so i can see how there was confusion.

Anyway, my question is Is this normal? At my followup the optometrist noted "unusual amounts of swelling" but did not call the MD or anything. They had me come back two days later, when i again saw an optometrist, and nothing had changed. At that visit they scheduled me to see the surgeon who found that the "swelling" was actually a fold in the flap. This was diagnosed 5 days after surgery.

Today i went in and had the flap lifted, flattened, had the epithelium removed, and had a contact placed over everything. I am going to see a new opthamologist on Monday for a second opinion on how to treat this from here, but i would really appreciate any information on whether or not other people saw the surgeon sooner than 5 days after their LASIK to decide if i need a new doctor. He seems competent, but even the greatest doctor doesnt do me any good if he isnt in the office as often as i need. Sorry about the long post, but i wanted to give enough detail about my situation.

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Postby yawny » Sat Mar 03, 2007 6:21 am

I saw the doctor who did my surgery, both the day after and also at two weeks. I am one month post surgery. All of my post op appointments are with him, but this particular clinic does all their pre and post appointments with the opthamoligist that does the surgery. I know some people have gone to the optometrist for post appointments, but I picked this doctor to do my surgery because they do all of their appointments this way. My doctor is also one who has taught most of the other doctors in this area these procedures and came from a teaching hospital. My opinion is that when it comes to your eyes that you need for virtually everything, you need to make every attempt to make it as safe as possible, and I only felt comfortable going to a doctor for this who would do all of my post op care as well. Hope this helps.
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Postby johnson1615 » Sat Mar 03, 2007 12:41 pm

I visited a couple of clinics before choosing one and one of the deciding factors was seeing the 'surgeon' at all visits. While other staff did most of my testing I saw the doctor on all pre-op and post-op visits. Results were fantastic.
However, several friends went to another clinic where they have only seen the surgeon on the procedure day and all have had excellent results.
Hard to say which is better. Different eyes looking at your eyes can be a plus. But with a complication, I would demand to see the main doc!
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