Lasik on 2/9 -update and questions

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Lasik on 2/9 -update and questions

Postby Susan » Wed Mar 07, 2007 10:35 pm

Hi - I had my lasik on 2/9. 1 week after my left eye was 20/20 and right was 20/30. About 1 week after surgery my right eye started feeling like something was in it and burning. I went for a check up and was told everything is fine. About half way through the day my right eye gets achy and today it was achy from when I woke up. I went to get it checked and was told my vision is still the same left 20/20 and right 20/30. I also was told I may end up needing an enhancement after 6 months to get my best vision. They said maybe the achy feeling is dry eye.

I was wondering if this achy feeling is normal with healing? Also is it typical to have the vision change after this amount of time or is it probably going to stay as is? She also said that I might want to not have an enhancement and leave the right eye (which is the dominant eye) at 20/30 to prolong needing reading glasses. (I am 43)
Any thoughts on that?
I know it is early I just feel like I am lost and they are not explaining things to me.
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Re: Lasik on 2/9 -update and questions

Postby LasikExpert » Thu Mar 08, 2007 1:15 am

You are very early in the healing stage, so changes are very possible.

The doctor's office can appropriately evaluate if you actually have dry eyes. You may want to read our article regarding Lasik and dry eye and dry eye treatment.

We have a detailed article about monovision that would best explain the potential advantages and disadvantages of the technique to reduce the need for reading glasses (presbyopia).
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