GPC and age experiences and opinions wanted

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GPC and age experiences and opinions wanted

Postby gem_max » Fri Mar 23, 2007 4:26 pm

Hey guys,

I posted a similar thread on the UK site like this one and haven't had answers and unfortunately Australia doesn't have an equivalent site (that I know of) so I'll post here.

I'm just after opinions, recommendations or experiences like mine. I have my initial assessment this coming monday where I'll ask specific questions, and plan to have the surgery ASAP if I'm accepted.

Some background- I first noticed I was shortsighted when I was 11/12, though like any kid avoided glasses until I was 15 (!) where my glasses prescription was -1.25 to -1.75 (the latter giving me headaches so we reverted to the smaller). My eyes did not deteriorate noticably and I kept that prescription until I was 18 and switched to full-time contacts with a glasses prescription of -2.0 and contacts of -2 and -2.25(r). After a year my prescription was at -2.25(L) and -2.5(R). A year after that my left was the same and right was -2.75 and my optometrist left it at that as this was driving legal (though under-corrected) and now that I'm 21 he considers my prescription stable. My last visit with him was November.

Now that I'm back at uni I saw a different optometrist (300kms away from home) 2 fridays ago as I had what turned out to be GPC thanks to my protein remover. The full eye exam revealed my prescription is -3.25 and -3.75, but as I said my previous doctor always undercorrected due to headaches and my eyes were agitated during that test.

Would you consider that stable? My eyes have only ever deteriorated slowly anyway and the optometrist I've seen for years considers my eyes to be stable and said I could follow Lasik this year. So that's what I'm doing as I turn 22 soon.

I dont want to muck around with contacts anymore of I'm soon to reject them completely and damage my eyes in the process. We've been aiming for LASIK for years and hopefully I qualify as glasses aren't for me. Wearing them the past week while my eyes heal has been horrible!

Also has anyone gone from having giant papillary conjunctivitis (and hayfever just to add extra spice) to having Lasik? As far as I know it doesn't disqualify one for Lasik and in many cases is the reason for having it done.

edit: oh and last time I checked I had no astigmatism... is that possible? I forgot to ask the last couple of times oops.

Thanks for any help, and sorry for the long descriptive post!
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Postby LasikExpert » Sun Mar 25, 2007 5:29 pm

You need to ask your long-time optimetrist for the history of your actual refractive error. Because he deliberately undercorrected you, the actual history of refractive error is unknown. There may be more instability than at first assummed.

The cause of headaches with full correction needs to be diagnosed before having Lasik. At your age it this is not at all normal and may indicate a problem that could be exacerbated by surgery. It does not seem wise to have surgery to provide less than full correction, but if full correction causes problems then it may be worse to have any surgery. This is a very big question that should be answered before any elective surgery.

You should undoubtedly have a cycloplegic refraction. This process will determine your refractive error with the ability to accommodate (change focus) limited. I suspect that your headaches relate to an accommodation and convergence issue.

A history of Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC) is not an automatic contraindication for Lasik, however the GPC needs to be fully resolved and the effects of the medications used need to be expelled from your system. Anithistimines are commonly used if the GPC may also relate to an allergic response. Antihistimines can dehydrate and hydration is an important aspect of successful Lasik.

GPC is commonly caused by a contact lens related problem. Switching types and even brands of contact lenses may make a difference.
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Postby gem_max » Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:41 am

Thanks for the informative reply.

Contacted my old surgery before I went to my Lasik query consultation today and learnt some interesting things:

-headaches never really came into it. My first pair of glasses at age 15 gave me headaches and so they were under-corrected. With contacts there was no real reason for under-correcting other than during the lens switching test I'd always seen as well through the true prescription as the smaller one due to hayfever. I have no idea why I said headaches, I just assumed that was one reason why an optometrist might under-correct as I;d seen a few mention under-correction.

-I'm now on permanent Patanol treatment to control the hayfever/GPC and wearing daily disposables at my true prescription (I think I'd become used to the blur! The vision with these is amazing). I've also started daily oil supplements and artificial tears, which I'd never needed before). So now the lens switching test did show improvement betwen diopters and my eyes are settling well. I'd never had red eyes, just very irritated, so it was hard to know what to do really. Plus my new surgery is far better equipped and up-to-date with such issues I think.

-GPC is resolving nicely and I have my prescription checked in 6 or 9 months, though I'll probably opt to leave further Lasik consultations another year, just to be safe. I'm now at the same prescription as my father so that + my age means I'm probably stable and my eyes decided to have one last crazy just to make life that little bit more stressful...

So luckily nothing wrong except nerd eyes (myopic and allergies). Just happy I can still wear contacts at all really.

Best of luck to anyone having Lasik soon. I'll hang around the forum until my Lasik day next year cos it's nice to read the experiences, especially when things work out well, but for now I'll have to remain in the club of lens wearers :P

;) Gemma
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