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Good news

Postby ssmarsh8 » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:34 pm

I'm approaching my 3-month custom PRK anniversary, at which point I leave the realm of "just had it." Wanted to post that I'm now very happy with my results.

Going into surgery I was -2.0 myopic with thick cornea. Age 26. No dry eye problems.

The week following surgery I went through intense pain, found out I'm allergic to V*codin, had my first-ever ocular migraine, went back to work after 5 days and had serious trouble with light sensitivity and computer eye fatigue.

The three weeks after that, my vision gradually improved, but I also had some random pain/eye pressure, serious ghosting, moderate dry eye and floaters, and some light sensitivity.

Following my completion of the steroid drop regimen at the one-month mark, the pressure, ghosting and light senstivity all but disappeared.

For the past 4-6 weeks I've been seeing 20/20 or better in both eyes, with very rare ghosting issues, no eye discomfort. The only persisting side effect is floaters, and those gradually seem to be dissipating. About once a week I'll feel the need for lubricating drops.

Now at the 3-month mark, I'm very happy with my results. If you'd asked me during the weeks following surgery, I would have said that perhaps I should've done Lasik. Now that I've come through the rough I'm of course happy that I'll never have the "flap" issue, having had PRK. Of course, it's not an issue at all for most folks. I'm very athletic, making the flap undesireable, and I also was willing to make short-term sacrifices for a procedure that seemed better for me. Unfortunately I seemed to have been on the extreme end of post-op pain, but I do believe "all's well that ends well."

I think that for the majority of people who come across these boards, everything is A-OK in the end. But this is a great resource for sharing experiences, getting balanced information and venting. Best wishes to all of you and your eyesight.
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Postby LasikExpert » Sun Apr 15, 2007 5:04 pm

Enjoy life with your new vision! I'm glad our website and forum was helpful to you.
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Postby amilli » Mon Apr 16, 2007 1:54 pm

Thanks also for sharing your story. Being still early on (5 weeks) and going through the dry eye and ghosting issues, I've seriously been questioning my decision and it's so encouraging to hear that it can get better and despite early issues, folks do end up happy after a while. Most of the stories I've been hearing are next day miracles of success or onging misery, so to hear about a rocky start that gradually improved to good vision is great to hear :-)
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