Customvue Monday 4-16-07

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Customvue Monday 4-16-07

Postby ShawnJ » Fri Apr 20, 2007 3:58 pm

New here, so hello to all. Finally, after thinking about this for so very long, had Customvue Lasik this Monday around 4:30pm. Was very very nervous until the little pill they gave me kicked in, went thru the numbing drops and other drops too and then they called me back to the surgery room.
Was very impressed, ok, awestruck, on how fast all this went. Had read up on this for last couple of months all over the internet as well, both good and bad things.
Doctor used a microkeratome blade on mine, as was told he preferred this over the laser flap. I had 36 seconds of laser on right eye, and 28 on left, wow, that was sooooo cool. When they were all done and telling me everything would be real cloudy the rest of that day, the doctor looked at me, and told me "They are perfect Shawn", and I thougth, NOW thats what I like to hear!!!! Came back out after the post lasik checkup, more drops, etc, was driven home by wife, told to keep eyes closed rest of evening, go to sleep, etc. Only slept bout an hour, but kept eyes closed rest of evening, went to bed around 10:00 pm after eating dinner like wearing a blindfold haha. That was interesting, good thing I wasnt using chopsticks.
I woke up in the middle of the night, had no clue what time it was, and finally pried my crusty little eyelids open. I looked over across the room where the usual big blue nothing but blurry blob of an alarm clock without glasses usually sat, and WOW...................clock was clear as day, and read 3:31am.
I have always been very nearsighted, and elbowed my wife, saying, hey, its 330am, and she said, yeah, ok, its 330am groggily. I told her, HEY, you dont understand, I have on no glasses, no contacts, and the clock looks awesome! She got excited for me then, but quickly fell back asleep.
I got up slowly and walked into the living room after taking off the sleep goggles and wearing the dark glasses............turned on a lamp and started looking around and could SEE things without glasses. Looked at the wall and pictures, and the faces were blurry, but clearing, which i learned would get better throughout the next day and the following day they were crystal clear.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, left eye felt as if nothing was done, right eye had been little sore, like contact in it upside down or something. Thursday all day, doubled up on econopred drops with 2 every 2 hours rather than 1 as ordered. This morning, right eye feels lot better.
Have had problems with reading up close, but at 46 years old, knew it was gonna happen with presbyopia stuff. However with my contacts before, i could still read paper and stuff like that in mornings. But again, each morning it has been getting better and better. I really think the heavy doses of Vigamox, Econopred Plus, Systane, and all that helps keep some of it blurred up during the day, but today is the last day of the drop regimen finally.
When went to follow up on Tuesday morning, read last line on eye chart with both eyes, and vision is alot clearer now than it was then.
I see things so clear distance wise, and as a person who wore glasses from 3rd grade on till now, its amazing to know I am not wearing glasses or contacts, yet see so far so clear. Cant wait till I can throw on my good sunglasses next week with the foam protection around the eyes, and hop on the Harley with NO glasses, no contacts. Should be amazing.
I would like to thank everyone on here for there comments and posts, both good and bad experiences, cause they all assisted me in making my choice to go ahead and do Customvue. The surgeoun I used here has 3 places in this state, and one in the next, and has been doing this for a very long time and is rated outstanding from what i have heard. Sheesh, he flies to work in his own helicopter everyday, so he must be pretty darn good to stay so busy with lasik, cataracts, and more all the time. I was lucky to have been referred to him. If anyone is interested, would be happy to recommend.
Will try to keep updated on my progress as time goes along, as from what i have read, what i initially thought a few months ago was a quick and over with process, apparently takes quite some time to fully heal from. I will now have to make sure I use my safety glasses etc for sure when doing yard work and more.
I started one other thing yesterday, not sure if it will help or not, bought some Thera Tears Omega 3 capsules for the flaxseed oil in them, and will try those, but eyes again feel real good today. We shall SEE how they do.
Take care all.
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By the way

Postby ShawnJ » Fri Apr 20, 2007 4:05 pm

Forgot to say which laser used.


Wish I had a dvd recording of the whole thing, my wife watched while a counselor was with her explaining it all to her, she was absolutely amazed watching the whole thing.

Read somewhere before my experience, that someone said they could "smell" their eyes when being lasered.

Definitely I could smell something too. Not sure if it was that, but its

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