T+5 Days since PRK

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T+5 Days since PRK

Postby ZinMe » Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:24 pm

I had my first PRK procedure on one eye last Thursday. For anyone else who is interested in the experience, here some comments on mine:

* The procedure itself took maybe 10 minutes total. It was completely painless and I actually thought it was kind of cool. A kaledescope of colors and images while the surgeon completes the procedure makes it very interesting. I did notice the smell of burnt hair at the end of the laser process as other people had mentioned.

* The pain was very tolerable. The first two days were painless. I had a few tough hours on the 3rd day, but some extra naprosin took care of that. I never felt like I needed to use the perscription pain killers. For days 3 and 4, it felt like I had a dirty contact lens in my eye, but it wasn't bad. There have been on and off periods of eye fatigue-- the eye feels very tired and I just wanted to rest in a dark room for a bit the last couple of days. Going outdoors in the sun is very fatiguing right now.

* My vision out of the eye is still very bad. When I wake up in the morning my vision is better, but it gradually receeds to very poor. I'm told by my surgeon the healing rates vary, and that I might see improvement at 2 weeks or it might take 4 weeks or longer.

* The only issue I'm having at this point is that I'm missing quite a bit of my regular life for this procedure. I missed the kid's baseball/softball games this weekend, canceled on evening social plans twice (my wife's more irritated by this than me), missed two days of work last week and am probably back to only 50% work hours for a few days this week. Not a huge sacrifice, but it is an elective procedure, and I have only had one eye done so far! I knew this going in... there is never a good time for me...

* For those of you worried about losing too much cornea, my stats going in were about 495 microns cornea size, -9.0 prescription, and 7.0 pupil size. They used about 125 microns of the cornea for the surgery so I still have 375 microns which is great if any other procedures are needed in the future.

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Postby lvziggy » Mon Apr 23, 2007 10:41 pm

Dave, it sounds like you're experience was very similar to mine. Keep the faith, I am now one month out from having my second eye done. I see 20/20, everything is very clear, and the inconvenience of the whole PRK process is (almost) forgotten! I'm so happy I had this done, I just wish I would have done it sooner! In no time it will all be behind you and you'll be saying the same thing!

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