My tip for anybody who has scheduled laser vision correction

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My tip for anybody who has scheduled laser vision correction

Postby tootingbec » Fri Apr 27, 2007 5:14 pm

As anybody who's spent any time in this forum should know, dry eye is a very common after-effect of laser eye surgery. For some people, like me, it's a minor nuisance; for some people it's a big problem.

People on this forum made a recommendation that I was very skeptical of: nutritional supplements. I am not a big believer in vitamin pills and the like; I think they mostly give you expensive pee. But folks here seemed to make a strong case for two specific supplement types: omega-3 fatty acids for dry eye, and vitamin C as a way to minimize post-PRK hazing.

Given that I only have two eyeballs, and neither omega-3 fatty acids nor vitamin C will kill me, I said "what the heck." I started taking capsules of HydroEye a month before the surgery, and, even though I was having LASIK, not PRK, I started a daily dose 1000 mg of vitamin C a week before the procedure.

The latter, I am sure, was a needless precaution, but so inexpensive that it seemed trivial. My LASIK was uncomplicated, although I don't attribute that to the vitamin C.

I am still taking HydroEye, 5 months after LASIK, except when I forget for a few days. What reminds me, invariably, is that my eyes start feeling dry. I then resume the supplements, and my eyes feel better within a few days.

So, yeah, I'd recommend this course of action to anybody. This isn't an endorsement of HydroEye per se; I have no reason to believe that other omega-3 fatty acid supplements would not have worked as well, including the el-cheapo route of a daily spoonful of flaxseed oil (bleah).
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Postby maria22 » Sat Apr 28, 2007 6:58 pm

I had a similar experience with fish oil pills (took them for the omegas though they are designed mainly as 'healthy heart pills').
I have recently gone off them, but they were an easy & inexensive way to help the dry eyes situation.
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