6 days post Custom Lasek

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6 days post Custom Lasek

Postby RakhshandaE » Tue May 01, 2007 12:41 pm

Hi, Im new here, but have been reading posts for awhile. I had Custom Lasek on 4/26. Today is an exciting day I get the bandaid contacts off and can't wait. The first 3 days were rough but things are starting to clear up and the pain is finally gone. A little background. I had to have Lasek because of my high RX -800 with .015 astag. in both eyes. I also had some irregularites on my cornea's due to long term contact use. The Dr. felt custom Lasek was my safest and best long term result. I chose to go that route even with the discomfort and longer recovery. So far it has been tolerable, not fun but with some good meds I have been ok. First 2 days a lot of time with my eyes closed and ice packs, dark rooms and soft music were my friends. I was back to work yesterday but not really as productive as normal. Imagine sitting 6 inches from your computer screen all day. No problems with dry eyes just very blurry at times. The best thing of all is waking up in the morning and being able to actually see across the room. I started crying right after my procedure because I had worn glasses or contacts since I was 5 years old. I keep feeling like I have forgotten something since I don't have to put contacts in and out or reach for my glasses. Thanks for listening. Rakhshanda
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Postby LasikExpert » Tue May 01, 2007 3:11 pm

Please keep us informed of your progress. Many people considering LASEK or its cousins PRK and Epi-Lasik will be interested in learning of your experience.
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Yipee! the bandaids are off

Postby RakhshandaE » Wed May 02, 2007 12:56 pm

I had the bandaid contacts removed yesterday which was a painless procedure. I immediately felt a rush of air on my corneas and it felt good. My vision was 20/60 and 20/70 which they felt was exceptional at this point. Im to continue the Ped Forte drops for 2 more months and will be able to stop the antibotic drops on Friday. I use the Refresh Plus as needed for dry eyes. I really don't find my eyes getting dry very often which is one advantage of this type of procedure. I am allowed to drive during daylight now but no night driving for at least another week. I do have some halos at night but not any worse then with contacts. Since they did the custom it should decrease or go away in time. Today my vision is a little blury but tolerable. I think having such a high degree of myopia all my life Im a little more tolerant of somewhat blury vision. Imaging going from being legally blind to being able to see a clock when you wake up. I honestly think if you go into this with the attitude that any improvement will be more than you had before and realize it isn't an instant fix but a work progress you will do better and not have the disappointments some experience. Rakhshanda
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