3 days post LASIK - my story...

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3 days post LASIK - my story...

Postby iamjoe » Mon May 07, 2007 4:48 pm

Here's my story...

right eye 20/60
left eye 20/200
mild astigmatism

Surgery was done by [a national chain clinic] (new jersey) - Tiger Woods marketed place. Intralase custom laser cut flap by [lasik doctor] (MIT undergrad)

I can see! There is a bit of 'haze' but I am told (and hoping) that that will fade. Here's my story about the actual procedure for anyone considering it.

I researched the details of the procedure and knew what to expect.

Getting to the center
I walked donw the hallway to the center and was like... 'i am actaully going to go through with this?' I felt calm about the whole procedure. I did have a bunch of angst goign up to this, but on the morning of, I felt calm.

The Valium
I wasn't to happy about the idea of having to take this pill (gave up booze many moons ago) but I felt like it was the smarter thing to do. It ended up just making the memory of the experience a bit foggy.

The Procedure
Bam, I was walking into the laser room after kissing my wife, and I layed down on the chair. It felt like I was in a dentists room getting a teeth cleaning. I was told that the flaps would be created first fore both eyes, then I'd get the laser.

Getting ready for the Cutting of The Flaps
My eye lashes were tapped down and a tubular-like clear thing was placed and then suctioned onto my eye. I could see through it during this process. The 'jeweler's lense-lasik-flap-guide-thing' then gets suctioned onto my eye. It happens in a split second. It was a bit uncomfortable, but just a feeling of pressure, no pain. That feeling lasted just a second or two. Totally doable. Things are real blurry at this point. That device must be the guide for the laser to cut the flap.

The Lasik Flap
Here's where you need to be psychology prepared. This process was not painful, nor uncomfortable. But you need to be prepared mentally to remain calm and relaxed! During this 10 second process, your vision quickly goes to grey then to BLACK. I almost panic'd, but I knew that this was normal and that my vision would come back. (That's what I was getting this freakin surgery for in the first place). As my vision came back it was very very blurry. No pain, just blurry. The process was repeated for my other eye, during which I was still looking through my 1st eye in a blurry blur (no biggie). Here's where it gets interesting...

The Experience...
From this point on I experienced the rest of the procedure as a psychadellic experience. It was not painful at all. A pirate patch was put over my left eye and the 'clockwork orange' device was fitted to my eye then cranked open to hold my eye open. I thought that this would be a very uncomfortable process and that I would be struggling to keep from not being able to blink. I was wrong. No struggle at all. A sponge thing is placed over the white of my eye (for protection I guess), I feel nothing. I was fixated on a circular light of the laser with a blinking light at the center (see image)


The Laser Correction
I was instructed to hold still and stare at the light. The laser would last 17 seconds. A clicking sound started and laser got larger and there was a burning hair smell (totally normal). Here's what the laser looked like..


The laser is done and lots of drops are placed on my eye and it is wiped clean. That flap is placed back, things get a tiny bit clearer, but still very blury. The same process is repeated for left eye...

- clockwork orange thing
- sponge
- focus on light
- clicking
- burning smell
- lots of drops
- cleaning
- flap placed back

Immediately After LASIK
There was no 'crystal clear, now I can see the last line of th eye chart' sort of vision. My eyes were very watery. No pain, sort of like a very tired eye. I could see though where normally it would have been blurry. Maybe the Valium was keeping me mellow. My eyes were immediately check'd by my surgeon on the 'put your chin here' device. I was told that the procedure was perfect. Great flaps, all was well. I sat in a recliner chair with my eyes closed. I knew that the most important thing was to keep my eyes closed right after this process to assist with the flap healing.

Back Home
I maybe had my eyes open for 30 minutes from 4pm to 9pm when I went to sleep. I could see with a haze around stuff, but I could see. I had to sleep with these wiffle ball type shields taped to my face. Not a big deal, I can sleep through anything. I may have tossed a bit because of them, but I do not want to disturb the healing flap so I'll do whatever it takes.

My Vision
Crystal Clear! It's a trip. I have peripheral vision. It's very clear, although there is a slight haze. It's normal. It will dissipate as my eyes heal.

I will check in with my daily updates. Good luck all!

Note: This post was edited to remove the name of a clinic and doctor
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon May 07, 2007 6:45 pm

An excellent and detailed description of your experience. Please keep us informed of your progress.

That Lasik burning smellwas not actually the cornea burning. The cornea's temperature is only raised about 11 degrees F during surgery. It is actually a chemical reaction. Read the link for details.
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