my supplementation routine - 12 days post op

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my supplementation routine - 12 days post op

Postby iamjoe » Wed May 16, 2007 1:50 pm

Ok, things are looking and feeling much better. At day 5 and 6 post op, I was really stressed out about my dry eyes and the possibility of that lasting forever. It was a little premature to feel that way only 5 days out. Anyhow... things have gotten much, much better.

Dry eyes is essentially gone. Vision is crisp. Still some slight glare when looking at fluorescent lights and some star burst at night (that will vanish in time)

Here's what I am doing for eye health...

Refresh Drops every hour (as per doc)
multi-vitamin twice daily
omega 6,9 daily
glucosamine/condroitin/msm 3 x's daily

What I eat...
carrots daily
fruit daily
fresh spinach or Kale daily

Other stuff...
written affirmations. I have these at work and at home. They are standard pieces of copy paper with these quotes written on them in big font...


I read these every day and the message is being burned into my sub conscience. You dig??

Stay Positive out there everyone. I am. I am expecting only the best.

Be Well!
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How are your eyes now?

Postby JACQUI » Wed May 23, 2007 11:06 pm

Hi...I read your post and felt encouraged. I'm experiencing some backsliding (regression) in my left eye at 5 weeks post-op and needed some encouragement. Dr. said that winning the dry eye battle was key. Guess I need to step it up to optimize healing. Thanks for your words...
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