46 yr old newbie with a few questions

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46 yr old newbie with a few questions

Postby pensivern » Sat Jun 30, 2007 12:21 am

Glad I found this site! Before I start, let me preface with that I haven't really researched Lasik surgery in depth yet and am pretty clueless re my particular vision needs. Anyway, I've worn glasses or contacts since I was an adolescent for myopia. My vision isn't too bad (yesterdays script from the optomistrist reads :OD sphere-1.00 cyl-0.50 axis 130
OS sphere-1.00 cyl-.50 axis 50
How this translates to 20/? vision I don't know.
After all these years I'm getting weary of dealing with contacts, glasses, regular sunglasses and prescription sunglasses; therefore, I thought Lasik might make life easier. The doc who examined me said he's never seen someone with vision "as good as mine" who underwent Lasik. He suggested that Lasik was best suited for a 20-something yr old so they may benefit from a good 20+ years of good glasses free vision.

At this point, I can see fairly close up with my contacts on, ie, can read a menu, see the computer screen, my watch, food on my plate etc. When I'm fatigued though, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to read small print as on a label or book. I tend to wear my glasses while at home and look above them or remove them to read a book or magazine. My concern is if I get the surgery, will my presbyopia continually worsen with time so I won't be able to for example :?: go shopping without my reading glasses to read a price tag? Is there any way to tell how fast presbyopia will occur and to what degree as one ages? I'm wondering if I should just be happy for the decent vision I have and not take any chances. I have a consultation with a reputable opthamologist in a couple of weeks to give me more answers, but in the meantime would love some feedback on my situation.
PS, the thought of monovision (surgically) scares me!
thanks for any help.
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Postby LasikExpert » Mon Jul 02, 2007 10:34 pm

I believe your optometrist is providing good advice. Lasik and similar laser eye surgery is all about potential benefit v. potential risk. Considering your current presbyopia and very mild myopia (nearsighted, shortsighted) vision it does not seem that you would gain much benefit. In fact, losing your myopia will undoubtedly make you more dependent on reading glasses.

You may want to read our article about presbyopia and Lasik. It is on target to your situation.

You can try monovision very easily. Just don't put in the contact for your non-dominant eye. We have a detailed article about monovision and how to test for dominant eye.
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