flap concerns and wavelength only doc

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flap concerns and wavelength only doc

Postby epthorn » Wed Jul 11, 2007 10:12 pm

I see that this isn't a new concern or topic, but I've been considering corrective surgery for awhile and my insurance (soon to be gone) has a plan that reduces the price of lasik. I am, however, somewhat concerned with the potential for injury later on. While I can certainly avoid trauma during a reasonable period of time, I do some contact training and eventually would want to get back to it. How much risk is there of a flap being 'moved' or something similar a year after the procedure? How easy would it be to cause this problem? Since I will be flying off overseas soon I would likely be unable to set up and have an alternative procedure + followups (epi-lasik, etc), but I would like to know how easy it is to end up having a problem later on with lasik if, say, I were to be hit in the face two years from now.

Also, the doctors office that the insurance company directs me to has two practitioners, both well-qualified, and I was impressed by the professional and straightforward presentation. They also conducted numerous tests and I believe them when they say I am a good candidate (and was happy when the doctor said they turn back about 1/3 of people for the surgery, since hopefully this means they don't operate unless they're sure). The office, however, only conducts 'custom' lasik with no option for traditional (which of course is also more expensive). Is this normal for an office?
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