Enhancement question

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Enhancement question

Postby aspenice » Fri Jul 20, 2007 10:42 pm

Can you have a PRk surgery with wavefront technology after I have had lasik wavefront? What happens to the flap? After reading material on this subject?

Thanks so much and I have to say I love this site b/c I have learned so much and feel much more prepared.

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Re: Enhancement question

Postby JPD » Sat Jul 21, 2007 8:26 am

aspenice wrote:Can you have a PRk surgery with wavefront technology after I have had lasik wavefront?

Yes, and depending on the amount of time that's passed, PRK over the flap may actually be the prefered method.

aspenice wrote:What happens to the flap?

I'm not sure what you're asking? What happens to the flap after you've had PRK done over the top? Nothing, it's sealed in place, and it's treated as if it's not there. Although once you've had PRK over the flap, it's never to be lifted again. At least it's a very unwise decision to try and lift it again.

Even though the flap and the rest of the cornea never heal back together as one solid piece, such as when you cut your finger and it completely heals back together. The two parts are essentiallly fused to each other. And although still two parts, once fully healed, the cornea is treated as one whole piece which is why you can have PRK over the flap. Almost as if you never had Lasik.

Even so, some doctors will want to attempt to lift the flap anyway, instead of the PRK options. According to Glenn, the longest amount of time gone by between the initial procedure and a flap lift is 13 years. Many people's
flaps are so well healed that a doctor is unable to lift it, and they will sometimes cut another one in the same spot, or do PRK.
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