Just had wavefront LASIK to treat high myopia

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Just had wavefront LASIK to treat high myopia

Postby mirov8 » Tue Nov 20, 2007 8:37 pm

Hello everyone.

First let me say that my goal is just to keep everyone posted about my personal progress and recovery following my LASIK procedure. I also find this forum very useful and would like to thank everyone for contributing to it and especially the webmaster for keeping it up.

Six days ago I had custom wavefront LASIK on both eyes. I had a high degree of myopia on both eyes and my right eye had a mild case of astigmatism. I wore contacts my whole life (since I was 8), in the beginning rigid gas permeable and when I was about 12 switched to soft contacts. My prescription was -10.00 for both eyes and was stable over last 12 years or so (I'm male in my early 30's). My glasses where -12.50 (I got them for few weeks before the surgery when I was not supposed to wear contacts). As you can see I was more or less blind without contacts or spectacles.

I always wanted to fix my eyes and finally decided to do it this summer. I had surgery last week.

Like I said I had custom wavefront LASIK on both eyes. I had my right eye flap created with Intralase femtosecond laser and left eye flap was done with microceratome blade. The reason for the microceratome blade was because of a corneal scar that I got when as a little kid someone poked me in the eye with the plastic toy (besides the scar and myopia my eye was otherwise healthy). Doctor said blade would create a better flap given the scar then the laser would. Visx Star S4 excimer laser was used on both eyes to perform the surgery.

Immediately following the surgery I noticed I could see but everything was blurry and hazy. I slept for 4 hours and when I woke up haze was mostly gone. The next day I went for the post op and was declared 20/25 on the right and 20/20 on the left eye.

So six days after the procedure these are my observations
- slight haze, more in the right eye then the left, pretty much at the same level as 1 day post op. For those who have experience with contact lenses it feels like the contact lenses are old or little dry
- do not feel my eyes are dry but I am applying religiously artificial tears during the day and Refresh PM at night as per doc's instructions
- I work a lot with computers and 2 days post op went back to work and had a lot of difficulty with looking at the screen and being able to read. At six day post op I see improvement and it is easier for me to deal with computers. I do put tears every 40 minutes and try to close my eyes for 1 minute every half an hour to reduce the strain on my eyes. I even wear sunglasses as I find fluorescent light slightly annoying (sunlight does not bother me)
- No problems with distant vision. When I focus my eyes from close work to something in the distance my distant vision seems sharper and much better then I ever had with contacts
- I do not have problems with night vision. I was able to drive at night 2 days post op with no problems. I used to notice slight halos when I had contacts and now I see very small starbursts with very bright car lights but it does not impede my ability to drive at all.
-There are red dots in my eyes and what looks as a big bruise under my right top eyelid. I suppose it’s from the suction cup and it seems to be slowly going away.

That's pretty much all I have for now.
Will keep you posted. I have another post op in about a week or so.
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Re: Just had wavefront LASIK to treat high myopia

Postby LasikExpert » Wed Nov 21, 2007 3:07 am

Thanks for the great post! This kind of information is so helpful for others considering surgery.

mirov8 wrote:-There are red dots in my eyes and what looks as a big bruise under my right top eyelid. I suppose it’s from the suction cup and it seems to be slowly going away.

It's called a subconjunctival hematoma, and it will undoubtedly resolve on its own in a few weeks. The microkeratome is affixed to the eye with suction and this can bruise the white part of the eye.
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2 week post-op Nov 20, 2007

Postby mirov8 » Thu Nov 29, 2007 11:07 pm

Just had my 2 week post op. everything seems to be going well and doc told me I have 20/20 in the left and 20/25 in the right eye and that everything looks fine.
Since the last post this is what I have noticed
- Despite what doc said I feel that my vision is very crisp and clear, especially outdoors and if I would take Snellen test outdoors I would do better.
- Slight haze is gone from my left eye but it is persisting in my right. The level of haze is about the same as 1-2 day post op. This in no way inhibits me from doing anything.
- I almost do not notice the haze outdoors during the daytime but it appears indoors with fluorescent lights and at night
- It is much easier now then during my last post to work with computers and be able to read, I would say I am back to almost the pre-op level
- I noticed that in dim/dark light condition I have difficulty reading any kind of electronic panel with green backlight and black digits/letters (alarm clock, car stereo). But this is only from a greater distance and if I get closer everything seems fine. Any other combination of colors provides no difficulty
- No halos at night and just a tiny bit of starburst that has diminished in size since the last post
-In the morning I feel that my eyes may be a bit dry and few eye drops resolve this. During the day I apply drops every few hours outdoors and every 30 minutes indoors during work hours
- Bruising above my top right eyelid has diminished in size and seems to be going away

Overall I must say I am happy with the progress thus far. Next check is at a 3 month mark but I will check in sooner after few weeks of observations.
Keep you posted.
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3 month post-op

Postby mirov8 » Tue Feb 19, 2008 5:56 pm

Just had a 3 month post-op. Both eyes are 20/20 with my left being a bit more sharp then the right eye. Doc said he expects the right eye to recover even further by the 6 month mark.

Slight haze from the right eye is gone and I can't excatly tell when it happened, I suppose it was very gradual improvement over time. No night vision problems (starbursts, halos) or any other dim/dark light condition problems.

I still use eye drops few times a day although my eyes do not feel dry at all.

That's all to report.
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Postby purpleGORILLA » Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:09 am

Glad to hear everthing is going well. Sux to get poke in the eye with plastic toys.
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