My PRK experience. Allegretto Wave

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My PRK experience. Allegretto Wave

Postby Vijay » Tue Jan 01, 2008 11:32 pm

PRK done on Right Eye on Dec 27 (left eye scheduled for Jan 3):

My Prescription:
R eye: -2/-1.25 (refr/astigmatism); Right Cornea Size=498 microns
L eye: -2/-1 ; Left Cornea size=501 microns
pupil size: 4.5

Prep before the surgery:

Was told to have 1000 mg of Vitamin C starting 1 to 2 weeks prior to surgery. Also, was asked to put antibiotic drops, Zymar (1 drop, 4 times a day) for two full days before the surgery day (i.e., Dec 25 and Dec 26). The drops burnt a little sometimes.

Day of Surgery (Dec 27):

Had my appointment at 12:30. Was out of the office before 2pm. They tested my eyesight again to make sure my prescription had not changed from my initial consultation. It increased a bit (-2.25/-1.5). They gave me a valium (5mg) a few minutes before the procedure. The actual procedure took 3/4 minutes. After the numbing drops were applied, the top layer (epithelium) was removed first, the laser was applied next for less than 30 secs. The entire procedure was painless, and I mean NO pain whatsoever. The contact bandage was applied at the end. The laser correction was targeted for my prescription and not under/over corrected.

The put a patch (clear plastic with lots of small holes) as a precaution to avoid any temptation to rub my eyes. I was asked to leave that on all day including sleep in it.
For medications I was given Zymar, Pred Forte (anti inflammatory drops), Neurontin (4x/day) for discomfort, Meprozine (as needed only) for discomfort and sleep aid medication. I was given Refresh Plus/Refresh Tears for dryness. Also, given Refresh combined with Proparacaine (as needed, as this is supposed to slow down the healing process).

I did not feel much discomfort and slept for a couple of hours after I got home. Felt some discomfort (tearing, pain) in the evening. Took the drops including meprozine. Also, took the sleep aid medicine at night. Slept undisturbed through the night.

Post Op Day 1:
The doctor said my epithelium had grown almost 50% and I was seeing almost 20/20. I was told to take the patch off and only sleep in it from now on. I was told the discomfort would increase and my vision would fluctuate and get more fuzzy over the next couple of days. My eyes were still red and the eye lids were inflamed.

Day 2/Day3:

Did not feel much discomfort all day. The inflammation of the eye lids had subsided substantially and the redness started to go away a bit on Day 2. The vision was still fuzzy.
Woke up on Day 3 with what seemed liked a clear vision but it got fuzzy as the day progressed.

Day 4:
Went in to have my contact bandage removed. Was told two out of the 6 layers have grown (I thought there was only one layer, guess there are multiple layers). Recovery was very fast and was told that I should have a crisper vision over the next few weeks. Was told to stop taking neurontin and take zymar for 3 more days. Also, told to wean off of the Pred Forte (1 drop/4 times daily for the next two weeks, 3 times the two weeks after and twice for another two weeks)

The vision is still fuzzy on Day 5. Did not feel the light sensitivity much at all. Although did not go out at night much to experience starbursts, ghost images, halos, etc, but did not experience much of that at all. Although, not at clear vision, it is better than my uncorrected left eye. I have watching TV with one eye at a time to tell the difference. I took the right lens out of the glasses to be functional till my left eye is done.
Am going for my PRK on my left eye on Thursday, Jan 3. Hopefully, my experience will be similar from a discomfort standpoint and my vision would be better (my refractive error is similar but the astigmatism is less than the right eye).
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Postby LasikExpert » Wed Jan 02, 2008 2:19 am

Thanks for the great detail. Many people are considering PRK instead of Lasik and your experience will be very helpful in their decisions.
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Postby Vijay » Mon Jan 14, 2008 3:27 am

PRK done on my left eye on Jan 3 (Right Eye was done Dec 27).

Similar experience as my right eye, so I won't go into as much detail for each day. The only difference was the Day of Surgery and Post Op Day 1 discomfort was relatively a lot more in my left eye compared to what I experienced in my right eye. I shared that with my doctor on my Post Op next day. He said my epithelium had healed a lot faster than my right eye and that could be the reason that I was feeling more discomfort. He gave me some kind of eye drops (which he said were like the advil of eye drops). Starting in the afternoon/evening that day, I started to feel a lot better. Enough that I did not feel the need to take neurontin or meprozine as much.
As far as my vision was concerned, the left eye was very fuzzy the first 3/4 days (right eye on the contrary was a lot better at the same point in time).

Post Op Day 4: Went in to remove the contact bandage. I was disappointed to see double/shadow images of the letters on the eye chart. I pointed that out but was told not to worry about that. Could I still see or not seemed more their focus. Was not happy to hear that (this was not the doctor who did the surgery, who I liked a lot more). In any case, I took all that to mean that double vision etc are very common in the beginning and would go away and hence don't worry about it.

Sure enough, I started feeling the improvement in my left eye vision getting better each day. The vision is great. I don't see the shadow and do want to check back when I go in for my follow up on Jan 22 esp when I see the eye chart (as that is where I saw double and not on images when I was watching TV).

Today, 10 days after my left eye surgery and 17 days on my right eye, I am loving my vision, so much so that I can't tell the difference from my eye glass days. Understandably, can’t do an apples to apples comparison but I don’t feel the difference much. You get the idea. My left eye in the beginning seemed to be lagging behind in vision compared to my right eye, due to the extra recovery week my right eye has had. Sometimes, I do feel I see better with my left eye especially in the mornings. (I close one eye at a time and focus on the same image to see if I feel any difference).
As far as my eye drops/meds are concerned, I am down to only pred forte eye drops, and I am on a weaning schedule. 1 drop/4x daily for 2 weeks; 3x for next 2 weeks, 2x for 2 and then 1x for 1 week before I say sayonara to the eye drops. I do take 1000 mg of Vitamin C. I believe it will be a couple of months before I am told to discontinue.
Good luck to you all.
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