Try sunglasses

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Try sunglasses

Postby skhuff » Wed Jan 09, 2008 3:10 pm

While I am new to the lasik procedure, I wanted to share what helped me. I do believe that this helped my healing process.

Before I had my lasik done (monovision - which I am still working through), I also purchased a really good pair of sunglasses.

I work retail and returned to work four days after my procedure. The lights are very bright and the air very dry. I kept my eyes moist. But the best way (other than sleep) to help eliminate the stress was to put on my sunglasses when I got home. I wore them as I watched TV and carried on with routine house chores.

My eyes felt much better and much sooner.

It does however need to be a good pair of sunglasses (mine happen to be ray bans). My regular off the rack glasses do not have the same effect.

I believe that these sunglasses played a major role in my quicker "discomfort" recovery.[/img]
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