Fluctuation Rates

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Fluctuation Rates

Postby leyton » Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:48 am

I am 24 and had my Lasik surgery to treat my nearsightedness on Dec. 26th. The following day, I went in for my check up and was barely able to read at 20/25. Then 2 weeks later, I went in and my vision had improved slightly but I was still unable to fully read the 20/20 line. The doctor looked at my eyes and said that I was healing fine and that my vision should only get better from here on out and that he wanted to see me in 2 months.

Now I know that my vision is suppose to fluctuate and that it is a part of the healing process. However, I find that for the majority of the time my vision is either cloudy or blurry. The times when my vision is perfect is few and far between. Also I find that often my sight is similar to when I wore contacts, like as if I have my contact in my left eye but its missing in my right eye. Only now my vision is improved so the difference between having a contact missing in one eye is minor.

Anyway, my mom who is 58 had her surgery on Friday (Jan. 11th) and since then her vision has fluctuated a bit but for the most part she is able to see clearly for the majority of the day. So I'm wondering, should I be worried that my vision is unclear for the majority of the day?
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Postby LasikExpert » Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:26 am

Every person and every set of eyes are different. What your mother experienced is not necessarily what you would, or should experience. Different refractive error, different types of error, even the difference in age can be a factor.

Lasik is more of a six month process than a 20-Minute Miracle. Report your difficulties to your doctor and follow your treatment plan, but don't come to any final conclusions until you are 2-3 months postop.
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