LASIK on 01/18/08

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LASIK on 01/18/08

Postby junebug » Sun Jan 27, 2008 7:45 am

This website has been great and such a tremendous help. I thought I would post my wonderful experience for anyone with some trepidation about getting the procedure. I am 29 years old and had been wearing glasses and contacts since I was 15. I was nearsighted with a Rx of -5.00/-6.75 (R/L) with a slight astigmatism in my left eye (-.50).

I had CustomVue LASIK on 01/18/08 and the results have been amazing! The actual procedure was really quick, probably 15 minutes. The anticipation is really worse than the procedure. My doctor told me everything she was doing so I knew what to expect and she counted down the laser time. She was very caring and professional. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was the smell of my corneal cells vaporizing. I wasn't expecting that at all. Right after, I sat up and was able to see the clock, but the whole room looked foggy. I guess that was the haziness everyone talks about. The day after, I was 20/20 on my right eye and 20/25 on my left, with no more haziness. My vision became clearer and sharper during the week, especially with my left eye, which I think took longer to heal with the asigmatism? Today, on my one week follow-up, I was seeing 20/20 in both eyes and everything seems to be healing beautifully. I've had no complications or issues at all, except for some dry eye sometimes. I see even more clearly than I ever did with contacts. LASIK was the best thing I have ever bought for myself!

I have a couple of questions though. Is it possible for my eyes to continue to improve so that I may have better than 20/20 vision in the future, or will they most likely stay where they're at? Also, I just realized I mistakenly bought moisturzing eye drops with preservatives and had been using them twice a day since 2 days after the procedure (since my doctor issued ones ran out). How detrimental was that? Will that have any long term effects?
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