overcorrection question

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overcorrection question

Postby lboogie » Tue Jan 29, 2008 7:47 pm

I've been posting about a variety of concerns -- 2 months post-lasik. At my last appt concerning headaches and dizziness and stuff, they had me at overcorrected in both eyes. +.5 in the left and +.6 in the right. What is my long term prognosis? My manifest (non dialated) is plano in both eyes.

What does this mean? Would it regress the other way at all back to plano? Will I end up with hard to fix vision later in life?

The situation with my vision "going in and out of focus" in a relaxed state is still strange to me. When I relax my eyes, things go fuzzy like into a myopic stage, but then they "come around". My doc says that will subside, but it hasn't yet.

I also experience this feeling of spacing out -- like my eyes would rather not have a fixation piont. And the last thing, is that when I open my eyes after sleeping I get this strange spinning into focus sensation.

What does all this mean? Should I write all this down and present it to my doctor? Ask if I can fax it in even?
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